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11 Focus Fixes for the Classroom: A Free Handout for Teachers

Sustained focus is essential at school, but it doesn’t come easy to students with ADHD. Teachers, keep children on track with these tips.

Students with ADHD may daydream, stare out the window, or lose focus when stimuli compete for attention. As a result, they miss lessons, instructions, and directions. Why? ADHD impacts the parts of the brain that control sustained focus. Children with ADHD also have a lower level of brain arousal, and are easily distracted when an activity is not stimulating enough.

So, what’s a teacher to do?

Your first instinct might be to call out their names. Don’t. Singling out a child with ADHD can embarrass him and drive his thoughts further from your lesson.

Instead, print out this quick-reference card for creative ways to keep students focused and engaged. You’ll also find tips for creating ADHD-friendly lesson plans.

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.