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Back-to-School Supplies Every Student with ADHD Needs

Back-to-school supplies for students with ADHD — such as erasable pens, highlighter tape, wiggle seat cushions, and more — improve focus, organization, and classroom engagement.

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Wiggle Seat Cushion


The Bouncyband Wiggle Seat cushion helps to calm and occupy children who struggle to stay seated or stand in place. Flexible nubs on one side and smaller bumps on the other provide tactile stimulation to help kids reduce stress and stay focused. The ergonomic, latex-free portable seat cushion disc comes with an Easy-Inflation Pump for firmness adjustments.

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Whiteboard Calendar


Caregivers, students, and teachers can keep track of assignments and activities on this 12” x 16” double-sided lightweight whiteboard. It features a printed calendar on one side and a blank space on the other for brainstorming, drawing, or note-taking. The whiteboard has two magnetic surfaces to pin notes, photos, and messages. It also has eight dry-erase board pens, six magnets, and one eraser.

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Squishy Pencil Grips


Pencil grips improve handwriting, reduce hand cramps, and double as a fidget for children with ADHD. These ten squishy pencil grips come in five colors and feature a spiky-shaped design. They are compatible with No. 2 pencils, mechanical pencils, markers, pens, and other standard-sized writing instruments.

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Erasable Pens


Unlock unlimited do-overs with erasable pens. Pilot FriXion erasable pens write like gel-ink pens but contain a thermo-sensitive ink that disappears with eraser friction. This 10-pack features black, blue, red, turquoise, purple, navy, pink, and green pens. Students can retract the pen tip with a single click, and the included eraser won’t wear down or leave messy eraser shavings or residue. Refillable ink is sold separately.

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Sensory Strips


Sensory stickers applied to desks, chairs, or computers, help students relieve anxiety, regulate emotions, and occupy fidgety fingers. These 18 textured sensory strips contain small, hexagon-shaped stickers in gradient colors. The sensory strips are made of PEVA material and feature a rough texture suitable for scratching or rubbing.

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Index Cards with Binder Rings


Index cards are great for taking notes, creating flashcards, and preparing presentations. This set contains 300 ruled, hole-punched index cards in six different colors. Metal rings make it easier to organize the cards, bring them back and forth to school, and prevent them from getting lost.

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Transparent Highlighter Tape


Removable highlighter tape is a fun, colorful way to highlight notes and books without damaging them. This transparent highlighter tape set includes five neon-colored, 16-foot rolls. Students can write on the tape and use it to color-code study materials. The tape also peels off easily to reuse.

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Chalkboard Signs


Commemorate the first and last days of school with this double-sided 14” x11” chalkboard sign. The sign comes with dustless chalk in three colors. It includes fill-in-the-blank spaces for “favorite color,” “favorite snack,” future aspirations, and more. It’s easy to erase with a damp cloth, so teachers and caregivers can reuse the signs.

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