Meditation for ADHD

The Ultimate List of Mindfulness Exercises

Mindfulness can strengthen focus, manage stress, and improve emotional reactivity. But how do you use it in everyday life? Start here, with this list of recommended activities, apps, books, and online resources for children, parents, and teachers.

A child lays in the grass and practices mindfulness exercises

Can Mindfulness Help with ADHD?

A daily dose of mindfulness, at home or in school, improves attention, boosts self-esteem, and helps kids better monitor their emotions.

“Research indicates that brain training involving mindfulness practices can strengthen areas of the brain responsible for attention, emotional control, and problem solving,” say psychologists Kirk Strosahl and Patricia Robinson, authors of In This Moment. “There is emerging evidence that mindfulness-based brain training produces permanent structural changes in the brain.”

Here, find exercises, apps, and resources to help teachers and caregivers lead the yoga and mindfulness exercises shown to help children with ADHD.


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Apps for Adults

Apps for Kids

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