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The Big List of ADHD School Resources from ADDitude

All you need for school, all in one place: 14 invaluable tools — checklists, charts, worksheets, letters, and more — to help you team up with your child’s teachers for a successful school year.

1. What every teacher should know about ADHD.

2. The daily report card for better school behavior.

3. 11 focus fixes for the classroom.

4. Common executive function challenges, and solutions.

5. Dear teacher, please meet my child.

Get these resources, plus 9 more checklists, sample letters, tool templates, and more in this ultimate back-to-school toolkit.

Print it, share it, copy it, discuss it, and never give up!

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.

3 Comments & Reviews

  1. So I downloaded the back to school toolkit and all of your resources use male pronouns for the child. WHY? Do you not acknowledge the fact that girls also have ADHD? SUPER DISAPPOINTED with you guys.

    1. I’m almost positive I’ve read more than a few articles and downloads from ADDitude and some use pronouns for male and others use pronouns for females. Out of ALL THE THINGS on this Earth today that you have to choose from to be “disappointed” about and you choose a pronoun used in one download! I wasn’t going to waste my time replying to the pettiness of this comment but I thought about a million other things that disappoint me and a lot of other people in the time it took for me to login. I felt the need to tell you to take the time it took to write this comment and read a couple different articles or downloads and see that you should be disappointed with your closed minded pettiness and stop wasting precious time (that nobody is promised) on negative nonsense.

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