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You’re The Parent of a Child with ADHD When . . .

Sharing ADHD stories with friends is a great outlet for venting my parenting frustrations.

My friend Joani emailed me a link to a funny back-to-school post on the Special Education Law blog: “You know you’ve been the parent of a child with special needs too long when…” by Lori Miller Fox.

I certainly could relate to it! Thanks for the laughs, Lori!

My experience with the Exorcist led me to be especially fond of this quip: “You embroider the number ‘666′ on your child’s t-shirt just so unwelcome strangers don’t come up and “bless” your child.” Love it!

That reminds me of a story. Please excuse me for getting a little off topic, but I just have to tell it. Remember when I wrote about Don and me getting away from it all at Lake Okoboji with friends Steve & Joani and Mark & Debbie? Well, I didn’t quite get away from it all.

I was still fuming at the time about the Exorcist. (Implying that I’m not fuming about her now? Wrong!) I’d just shared the whole episode with Joani and Debbie, and they were properly appalled, as friends should be. I walked out of our condo just as a (perfectly normal looking!) man walked out of the neighboring condo.

“They rebuilt the decks since last year,” he says.

“Yeah, they’re really nice,” I reply.

“Did you see the diamonds on them?”

“No,” I said. “Diamonds?”

“Yeah. There are diamonds all over them. Do you think they’re demonic symbols? I already asked the manager, and he didn’t think so,” the guy said.

You’ve got to be kidding, I thought. Why me?