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“Time to Adjust Your Brain for Homework!”

Need a little help with your child’s homework routine (or lack thereof)? Check out these tips from readers who use snacks, accountability, and a clear workspace to motivate their children with ADHD.

Parents: Help ADHD Children Do Homework
Parents: Help ADHD Children Do Homework

ADDitude asked: How do you make sure your child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) does her homework? And you delivered these five guidelines.

Devise ADHD-Friendly Homework Rituals

“Learn your child’s rhythms — when he needs to relax, when he needs to work. We have a structured homework time, and work for short periods. Always check your child’s work — he is more interested in getting it done than getting it right.”
-Kathy Zimovan, South Carolina

“I let my son sit on an exercise ball. Being able to move about while doing homework helps kids with ADHD concentrate better. I don’t have to nag him to do his homework, and he does not complain about needing to get up and move around.”
-Diane Spriggs, Virginia

“I offer my daughter a piece of carrot or cucumber every 10 minutes or so. She loves the treats, and they motivate her to keep working.”
-Eve, New York

“I issue lots of warnings. An hour before my son is supposed to start his homework, I say, ‘Time to adjust your brain for homework!’ I issue the same warning a half-hour before. I found that it really helps smooth the transition.”
-Kimberly Forness Wilson, North Dakota

Learn When to Stop Doing it for Them

“I made my son responsible for his grades. He has to face the consequences of bad grades, and he gets rewards for good ones. If he wants me to help him with homework, he has to ask.”
-May Beth Thomas, Michigan

“Once your child is in middle school, let her be accountable for getting homework done. When I was young, getting me to do my schoolwork was a battle. Mom finally said, ‘Fine. If you don’t do your homework, I won’t write you an excuse.’ Translation: I would be in trouble with the teacher — and when I got home, I would be in even more trouble with my dad. I learned the hard way, once!”
-Ed, Arizona

Share the Responsibilities With Your Partner … Before You Burn Out

“My husband and I have resorted to tag-teaming our child in order to get homework done. LOL.”
-An ADDitude Reader

Get Help From the School

“Shorten homework assignments. I asked my son’s teachers to assign one page of grammar homework instead of two, 20 math problems instead of 40. He feels less overwhelmed.”
-Lisa, Florida

“Joining a homework club is a godsend. My son gets help right after school, while his meds are still working. He can then come home and relax, and I don’t have to be the screaming mom!”
-Sheri, California

Remove All Distractions

“No television, and a clear, clean workspace. The smallest thing, an extra pencil or a piece of paper, can distract my son.”
-An ADDitude Reader

“Do it right after school, in the quietest place possible. Try to be patient with your child, even though it’s hard!”
-Amy, Florida

“Turning off my children’s text messaging.”
-Kay, Colorado