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Your Turn: “My proudest moment as an ADDer is…”

Despite its daily challenges – or perhaps because of them – attention deficit has its feel-good moments, too. Readers shared their high points in contending with ADHD.

Woman with ADHD looking out at view and smiling
Woman with ADHD looking out at view and smiling

We asked ADDitude readers to finish this sentence: “My proudest moment as an ADDer is…”

When I learned ADD-friendly study techniques in my junior year of high school and, for the first time, made the honor roll in both semesters of my senior year. I went on to get great grades in college. I love showing how intelligent I am. -An ADDitude Reader

When I set up my son’s IEP and watched his personality bloom. It has helped his self-confidence to the point that he tells me about the great day he’s had at school when I get home from work. -Jamye, Colorado

For the first few years of his diagnosis, my son was in the denial stage. He fought taking meds and didn’t want to be “different.” One day, out of the blue, he came to me and said, “Mom, I know I have ADHD and I think I can help other kids like me. You know that book Diary of a Wimpy Kid? Well, I’m going to write Diary of an ADHD Kid!” -D., Minnesota

For my son, getting a 3.0 grade point average in his first year of high school. For me, starting a CHADD support group. -An ADDitude Reader

When I stood up to my bullying boss and told him, “I am doing a great job at the company. I can do better with a few minor accommodations.” -An ADDitude Reader

Becoming a make-up artist and making my own schedule. My job is a vacation from reality. -T.H., New York

When my son let out a sigh of relief after finding out he had ADHD and anxiety disorder. He has been taking medication for almost a year, and he participates in social groups at school. He feels much better about himself. -Heather, Connecticut

Despite switching majors six times in college, going to seven different colleges, across 3,000 miles, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree. It took me 17 years, but I finished! -K.K., Michigan

My proudest moment recently came when a death in the family prevented me from studying for a midterm until the day of the exam. My ADHD helped me study for six hours straight. -Lindy, Massachusetts

For my youngest child, my proudest moment was watching her on stage, acting in a play, and seeing the smile on her face. I thought, wow, she is so talented! I was proud of my other daughter when she spoke up about a boy who was sexually harassing a classmate. The boy was kicked out of class. -L.F., North Carolina

Working hard as an advocate to get our son the best education for his needs. -An ADDitude Reader

Although I haven’t been officially diagnosed, earning my B.A. in business, after 18 years! -Yvette, Texas