ADHD-Friendly Jobs

Your Digital Brain

Need a new career that suits a brain in need of constant change? Go digital. Here’s why.

ADHD at Work: High-Tech Jobs for a Turbo-Charged Mind
ADHD at Work: High-Tech Jobs for a Turbo-Charged Mind

Many people who work in the high-tech industry have ADHD. The condition and technology are a natural fit. The constant evolution and change in the high-tech world can be stressful for neurotypical people, but it’s stimulating for us. Technology is a reliable and powerful source of dopamine hits.

If you are struggling to get on a career track, try the wired world. Need proof? Consider the fact that many ADDers have…

> THE ABILITY TO HYPERFOCUS. When I went online for the first time, in 1993, at an Internet café, I started my journey around 8 p.m. and went home around 4 a.m.

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> THE ABILITY TO MULTITASK AT WILL. I can run 14 apps at a time and switch between them without breaking a sweat.

> CREATIVE URGES. Since we take in more information than the average person, and we’re easily distractible, we see problems from different angles. Need an idea generator? Find an ADDer.

> A STIMULUS-SEEKING BRAIN. An ADD brain is a perfect match for the wired world. An under-stimulated frontal lobe is jump-started by an over-stimulated virtual environment.

> THE WILLINGNESS TO TAKE RISKS. Impulsivity means taking risks and action. We act while the opportunity is hot, instead of going into analysis paralysis.

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> LACK OF FEAR IN A CRISIS. We thrive on change and chaos. ADDers can create order from chaos. We can also create a fair amount of chaos.