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WonderFile Review

Need a new paper-filing system? An ADDitude reader put this ADD-friendly storage folder to the test, organizing his desk and clearing clutter.

WonderFile helps clear the clouds in your life
WonderFile helps clear the clouds in your life

WonderFile (#CommissionsEarned)

Reviewer: Jim, New York

“For years, my dining room table served as my desk and file cabinet: It was cluttered with unopened mail, unpaid bills, stamps, pens, a stapler, new to-do lists, and bank receipts. Wonder File is a clutter-buster. On the outside, it looks like a slim bag that you would take to work. Open and unfold it, and it is a storage center. It has seven see-through pockets to hold my mess. I separated all my papers by category and placed them in the four larger pockets. I put unrelated items — a stapler, a calculator — in the smaller pockets. Now I know where everything is.”

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