WonderFile Review

Need a new paper-filing system? An ADDitude reader put this ADD-friendly storage folder to the test, organizing his desk and clearing clutter.

WonderFile helps clear the clouds in your life
WonderFile helps clear the clouds in your life

Reviewed on September 15, 2017



Reviewer: Jim, New York

“For years, my dining room table served as my desk and file cabinet: It was cluttered with unopened mail, unpaid bills, stamps, pens, a stapler, new to-do lists, and bank receipts. Wonder File is a clutter-buster. On the outside, it looks like a slim bag that you would take to work. Open and unfold it, and it is a storage center. It has seven see-through pockets to hold my mess. I separated all my papers by category and placed them in the four larger pockets. I put unrelated items — a stapler, a calculator — in the smaller pockets. Now I know where everything is.”

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