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Working and Learning from Home with ADHD

The world has shifted beneath our feet. Schools and offices have shuttered indefinitely. Sports are canceled. Playdates and birthday parties are off. Everyone is on Zoom and Google Classroom all the time. New learning and working expectations are dictating our days, while new daily schedules and routines are proving awfully tough to maintain with so much ADHD in the house at all times.

How Time Timer Helps

The Time Timer PLUS 60 Minute in White is the perfect visual timer for keeping students and professionals on track while working and studying from home. As time elapses, the red disk disappears, therefore increasing focus and making the abstract concept of time concrete. Clinically proven to increase self-regulation in children, this 60-minute Time Timer model features a carrying handle to further encourage independence and provide endless uses around the home. Ideal for active kids or a day full of meetings.

Enter to Win a Time Timer

To win one of five Time Timer PLUS 60 Minute in White (a $41.45 value each), use the Comments section below to tell us: What keeps your child on task and on schedule while learning from home? What keeps you focused and productive while WFH?


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  1. Having a schedule with basic tasks and goals has been helpful for my kids. I try to not be too strict or too complex with the schedule to not put additional stress on them and give time for “brain breaks.” As for what keep me focused and productive while working from home is keeping an organized schedule and to make sure to schedule time for breaks myself! I make sure it is on my calendar to force myself to take a break whether it is just to stretch and drink some water or go for a walk outside and take some deep breathes. As time goes on I have learned to let go of regular expectations while adjusting to this new “normal.”

  2. Having a separate room helps. Also having a daily list and forcing myself to check it seems to help. I remember why I am doing things that seem boring.

  3. We get the hardest work done first. Sitting for too long is not helpful. We have a separate space and come the hard work is complete, we take a movement break. We’ve also made it a set thing everyday to have a dance party so he gets a lot of energy out.

  4. We go through the packets they are given and mark with a highlighter what work should be done today. Dividing our days up. Morning before lunch is work time for all, including Mom. After lunch we play. I am working from home as a teacher and work while they work. I make myself goals of what I need to accomplish every day to be where I need to be.

  5. My partner and I are both working from home. She is working downstairs and I am working up stairs. To limit being distracted (esp when she is on calls), I put on my noise cancelling headphones and play focus playlists on Spotify. I also MUST take my medicine bc I don’t do as well if I don’t take it.

  6. I find that I am most focused and productive while working from home when I have accountability. My weekly team check-ins via zoom help. Also, working on difficult tasks during the time periods when my brain is most ready to work (which for me is the afternoon/evening) helps me get them done quicker, rather than wasting all morning procrastinating on them. But I guess the main thing is, for the most part I’m really struggling, which is why I’m here and hoping to win a timer! I need a timer that isn’t on my phone, where all the distractions live😂😭

  7. We have all assignments mapped out on a printed calendar. It helps him to see how things are spread out and the order to do assignments. He also has a list of online assignments to do by the end of the month- each is listed in a blank space and gets crossed out as completed.

  8. I don’t do anything out of the ordinary, and find that I need to start with making a list for the following day’s tasks the evening before. When I am really on top of things I make up a weekly list of tasks, or at least list the most important ones. I have also trained myself to stay on task and finish up what I have begun to the point that I can accomplish parts of the whole over a period of time. It took me a long time to habituate this check-in with myself. Frequently, when I am drawn to a different task or activity unrelated to the one at hand, I remind myself how good it feels to finish things by staying on task. What a great feeling!

  9. We made a set schedule to get online to complete all homework task for the kids. I make a “to do” list for myself. Which consist of a set amount of time which I consider “blocks” to complete my work related task. That way I do not allow myself to get consumed with just completing one task. I try my best to get things done.

  10. I would use the timer for positive reinforcement. Music is a fun reward in our house, so after a set amount of time, they can either play an instrument for 20 min or listen to music with headphones. Knowing the kids will buckle down to get more music time, helps keep me sane.

  11. I need a timer and an alarm to keep me on schedule. Every night I plan my next day and set some alarms and make my lists of things I want to accomplish. I could use this timer.

  12. I have worked from home so the kids are used to it. When they said they were going to be home school I put them more or less on my work schedule and set them up at desks next to me. I don’t have a lot of meetings but when I do that becomes reading time for them or if it’s in the afternoon, movie time. I have stopped stressing about screen time for them and instead,they have to read for an hour and do another activity like baking/outdoor/crafts for another hour and with school that does not leave too much time so I figure they should be able to enjoy the extra time.

  13. We have a set time to do home schooling, first thing in the morning, to ensure it gets done and he will concentrate.

    I do my Work at Home things in the evenings when everyone is down for the night, so I have quiet and can concentrate.

  14. We have a visual schedule that my son can refer to on the wall. Small amounts of hot cheetos are also needed for those tough days. I don’t work from home so not hard to stay focused for me.

  15. He has to have his medicine and be in a room without any distractions. No noise in the background or other children in the room. Also use rewards to encourage good use of time

  16. We try to set up rewards like TV time, Ipad Time, Dessert, something he values once completing his to do list for the day. Myself i need isolation so i do not get distracted.

  17. I try to limit distractions, TV, phones etc. We have a dog that lays beside my 8 year old daughter on a futon in front of the computer. They sit next to each other and that helps her. She doesn’t want to move away from the cuddling dog. I also make sure my children get plenty of exercise in the day before, lots of outside bike riding and lots of healthy snacks.

  18. I make learning fun and enjoyable. We have a set schedule we follow including Physical Education and Horticulture. I want to make sure we are going over the basics with a kick. They love Science so we have been doing a lot of science experiments to.

  19. It is important to set a time for the important things to be done, and to have breaks where all can relax before getting on with the next task.
    Feel bad for the kids who are missing out with mingling with their friends at school as it is an important part of going up to learn socializing skills.

  20. I’m a special ed. teacher at work, so using timers to keep kids on task is part of my life. But bringing that idea home for my kids’ homeschooling, while I’m still trying to teach has been tricky. We’re trying out best to keep a routine!

  21. Two adults and one kid with ADHD in one household, looked like a recipe for disaster when the confinement was announced, but a clear schedule (weekdays vs. Weekend days) and a the repartition of daily chores seem to make things manageable.
    School work and other ‘have to’s’ are chopped in small time blocks and consequently followed by ‘want to’s’, which works fine for motivation and focus. Instant correction of the schoolwork helps too.
    I definitely rely on my meds and proper self-care (mediation and a moment for isolation) to get by…my husband relies on me and my gentle reminders 🙂

  22. To keep my son on task he has to have “brain breaks” otherwise he gets overwhelmed. I print the weekly work requirements so we can check them off as we go so he can see and be motivated by his progress. For me to stay motivated, I have to start right away after breakfast: no relaxing, no TV, nothing. I’ll get too complacent otherwise.

  23. Having a scheduled routine and knowing what to expect improves their focus.

    When I work from home, I use alarms to ensure I am on time for conference call meetings.

  24. Working from home is tough! A few things I’ve been doing: 1) using a Pomodoro timer in my chrome browser (but I prefer something analog!), 2) working in the AM, taking a midday walk, and then working for another block of time in the afternoon! 3) lots of Coffee, and 4) trying to get enough sleep at night and get into a rhythm!

  25. I have to set timers for me at home because I get easily distracted at home. If I have to have something done by a certain time or I have a video or conference call at a certain time I set Alexia to give me a reminder or I will completely forget.

  26. For myself and my children working from home we have started using our own Block Schedule. It has truly made a big difference in our time management and productivity.

  27. We stay on task by following a strict schedule. We have a schedule similar to the school schedule that includes recess, lunch, chapel etc. A timer would be very handy to stay on task. I have also been wanting a timer so that I can set it for 20 seconds while washing hands since that is the CDC recommendation.

  28. I try to keep a fairly consistent schedule; not necessarily time based in that 3pm means xyz, but rather a routine upon waking that carries me through the day. Setting myself a few small and finish-able daily goals also helps, and I try to punctuate those by tackling chunks of a larger project, just to keep me from spending too much time/energy at one time on one particular thing. I still struggle, but these things help. My husband and I also help each other; we are both pretty bad about starting a new task before wrapping the previous one up–and we often bounce around… Next thing we know, hours have passed and we’ve each half-done a dozen things and finished nothing. So, now, whenever we notice the other wandering off, we’ll gently redirect, “Hey, finish (what you were doing), then I will come help with (what you were starting to do). I also like to set timers on my Apple watch to really make myself focus–if I have three things to do, I’ll set a thirty minute timer and work solely on the first. Same with the second and third.

  29. We stay focused by setting routines of getting fully dressed and making beds prior to starting work or school. These routines help me get more work done by adding some normalcy and not acting like it’s a “snow day.” Setting deadlines (self-imposed and some serious by others also keeps me on track and productive. Setting goals for myself and making them like a game provides motivation to complete tasks.

  30. [email protected]
    I try to:
    1)set a specific schoolwork goal with my child of “x” pages to finish now, then he’s free to go to online games after that.
    2)take a break whenever I need to, but use my phone timer to set an end for my coffee/snack break, so I don’t get distracted from returning to my task.

  31. Finding a place with as few distractions as possible (but that MOM can actually see) will usually work. However, lately she’s been falling asleep. I will also use “Go Noodle” for brain breaks between activities.

    As for Mom: I’m a teacher, and I’m struggling to be productive because of so many technical difficulties. 2nd graders do not have the attention span to focus on “lessons”, and I’ve discovered I am successful as a teacher because I do my best work being able to move all around, interact with children and multitask.

  32. I am finding it difficult to focus when working from home. My son, who also has ADHD, is getting his work done- barely! I think i need to start taking meds.

  33. I have to have silence and low stimulation to be productive. I’m always trying to find ways to increase productivity and time management, which brought me to this site to begin with!

  34. I have to work outside the home as an essential healthcare worker; but I’m also having to do school online now. I find that eating breakfast, even if it’s while I’m logged into the videochat & listening to instrumental high tempo music helps when I am doing independent work.

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