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Enter to win a Time Timer visual clock — one of our readers’ favorite tools for managing mornings, homework, screen time, work tasks, and more — by answering this question below: What is the most challenging time of day in your household — and why is it so rough?

ADHD is 24-7

For some, mornings are a chaotic blur of snoozed alarms, slapped-together breakfasts, tangled hair, and painful howls of “We’re late! We’re late!” For others, the afternoon witching hour — when medication has worn off and homework looms over the day’s stresses — is absolute torture. And still others lament their inability to turn off their brains and get to sleep on time each night. In short, ADHD is a 24-7 condition that impacts people in different ways, at different times of day (and night).

How Time Timer Helps

At all times of day, people with ADHD often need ‘external cues’ to help them stay on task, prioritize projects, and set limits. For this, a favorite tool among ADDitude readers is the Time Timer — the visual timer that has helped people manage time for more than 20 years. Designed to help manage the age-old question, “How much longer?” the Time Timer reinforces the concept of elapsed time and helps many families manage mornings, homework, screen time, and more.

Enter to Win a Time Timer

To win one Time Timer (a $39.45 value each), use the Comments section below to tell us: What is the most challenging time of day in your household — and why is it so rough?


Sunday, March 31, 2019, at 11:59 pm EST.


Only Comments posted with a valid email address will be considered valid entries. One entry per household per day. The editors of ADDitude will select two winners at random and notify them via email on Tuesday, April 2, 2019.
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Updated on March 1, 2019

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  1. If the kids are all home it’s difficult all day.
    I feel mornings are the most stressful and can set the tone for the rest of the day. Between my own ADD and immunotherapy that makes me exhausted getting myself into the mindset to motivate the kids is a struggle. Then you add 3 neuro diverse kids and a geriatric dog and it is BEDLAM.

  2. MORNINGS!!!!
    I have 4 kids, ages 8 and under. Between pouring my cup of coffee, making breakfast, cleaning up, getting little ones new diapers band dressed, dealing with resistance and endless questions …. there is always something to distract and derail me so it is impossible to start the day before 10/11!!!

  3. The hardest time is pre-dinner. My husband and preschooler both get hungry, but my ADHD meds often make me not really feel hungry. My time management also usually breaks down often by this point. Typically, it ends with at least one person yelling and a late and over- or undercooked dinner.

  4. By far the hardest time of day in my house is Bedtime. I have 3 kids 11, 13, and 16 and the older two are 2e with ADHD. They are so hard to put to bed and so reluctant to adhere to any routine. I’m beyond exhausted from all the negotiations and can’t sleep myself when they are rattling around the house.

  5. After school for sure! Even the cat goes into hiding as 4 hungry kids arrive home hyped up & looking for meals (snack won’t due.) Meds have worn off, they need downtime but have to get through homework to leave for evening sports, all while I’m cooking actual dinner, the neighborhood kids are ringing the doorbell & my office is calling to set up work for the next day.

  6. The most challenging time of day for me is in the morning getting my son ready for school. I have to get my mind and body ready before waking him up for school. It is so stressful because he understands that his bus comes at a certain time so he has to get into the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth, and to do #1. Getting dress is also a struggle because he changes his clothing about 2 to 3 times before deciding on one outfit to wear. His socks have to be aligned properly on his feet so that he can put his shoes on. If not correct he will take them off to correct the sock. Now on our way downstairs to the kitchen to get breakfast, take vitamins, and ADHD medication. Then it’s time to walk to the bus stop. So mornings are my challenging time of day in my household.

  7. The most challenging part of the day is after meal at work.I have so much to do and hard to see if I will finish.Plus usually tired from food and not sleeping well.

  8. Late afternoons…4:30-7:30…tired, cranky and my son has used all his efforts and energy in saying organized and holding it together that it just doesn’t last at home. That’s when I send him outside for some physical stimulation.

  9. I have 3 kids under 13 that I need to drive to 3 different schools all the while getting myself to my job by 9 am. With my 4 year old not wanting to eat brekky or get dressed, and having to make 4 lunches it’s a struggle and feels like I have been to hell and back and that’s all before 9 am when I start my job of back to back clients all day. With no help from family I have to pick up the kids rush home to cook dinner and rush to extracurricular trying to keep everyone happy and then collapse in bed when hubby get home at 7. This is do 5 days per week. But I would miss I it if I wasn’t so busy as my kids are all worth it

  10. And OF COURSE I miss the deadline! See, this is why I need the timer 🙂 . Toughest time – when I get home from work. It takes me at least an hour if I stay focused just to get the pets fed and cared for and settled in, and too often that one hour turns into the entire night where it seems I never did get unwound from work before it’s time for bed (which is at least midnight).

  11. The most challenging time of day is when my son (who has ADHD and Autism) has to do his homework. He has a hard time keeping on task in a timely manner. Plus in the morning trying to get done on time for school. This timer would be amazing for John. Hope we win.

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