Back-to-School Sweepstakes: Win a Time Timer!

Enter to win one of three Time Timer MOD + Dry Erase Boards — a great tools for managing mornings — by answering this question below: What routines, incentives, tools, and tricks does your family use to help the morning run more smoothly?

ADHD Brains Hate Mornings

ADHD brains whirl and buzz and stew and wonder late into the night; we struggle to fall asleep and, therefore, the morning almost always comes way too early. On top of that, our brains hate transitioning, and the morning routine is just painful — so many executive functions being tested all at once. If your child has ADHD — or you have it yourself — you’ve probably devised some tricks and routines and incentives to help your morning run more smoothly. Everyone is different, but we’d love to hear what works for you.

How Time Timer Helps

At all times of day, people with ADHD often need ‘external cues’ to help them stay on task, prioritize projects, and set limits. For this, a favorite tool among ADDitude readers is the Time Timer — the visual timer that has helped people manage time for more than 20 years. Now, the Time Timer® MOD + Dry Erase Board allows you to list out three to five critical morning tasks, and assign a time limit to each. Empower your children to start managing their own morning routines by timing each task and checking it off as it’s completed. Or use it to get yourself in a routine. Repeat until it’s all second nature.

The Time Timer MOD + Dry Erase Board comes with a removable Time Timer MOD and a dry erase board that includes a caddy on back to easily store dry erase markers.

Enter to Win a Time Timer

To win one of three Time Timer® MOD + Dry Erase Board (a $53.45 value each), use the Comments section below to tell us:
What routines, incentives, tools, and tricks does your family use to help the morning run more smoothly?


Monday, September 30, 2019, at 11:59 pm EST.


Only Comments posted with a valid email address will be considered valid entries. One entry per household per day. The editors of ADDitude will select two winners at random and notify them via email on Wednesday, October 2, 2019.
(Official rules)

Updated on April 3, 2020

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  1. What a great concept. This might be the “thing” that enables my 7 year old to complete the necessary tasks in the morning. We’ve tried stickers, velcro pictures, and even me following him around the house every step of the way. We’d love to win and give this a try!!

  2. The biggest change that has helped my daughter on school mornings is this: I have her put on the next day’s clothes, THE NIGHT BEFORE! Really! She cleans up and gets ready the night before except for her socks & shoes. She doesn’t keep track of time and gets sidetracked, so this is one thing that has helped reduce stressful mornings.

  3. Fortunately, we’re not at the stage of having to remember homework.
    To help mornings go smoothly, I try to lay out a few clothing options and there’s a lot of prompting. We currently use the big clock in our living room and he knows he has a certain amount of time to get shoes on, etc.

  4. Im a stay at home of 5 kids. We use a laminated sheet of pictures for our morning routines: hair, teeth, change clothes, eat breakfast. Even my younger kids can check the list. We still struggle with finishing everything in a timely manner though.

  5. We use Amazon Alexa timer for breakfast- to boil the egg while we get our son to a pretty streamlined routines, abolishing, put on deodorant then eating a good hearty breakfast is a must-as we are giving his ADHD meds.

  6. Routine is key in our family, my husband works nights at his job so our evening and morning routines are all on me. From when our daughter gets home with her dad to when I get off work, she has play time and down time to relax. When I get home from work, we all help with dinner and pick up, have a five minute break to get the wiggles out before sitting down to eat (which is a challenge in itself, only about a quarter of it gets eaten before we have to run around again), and then we go over her bring-home folder pieces at a time. The rest of the night is routine, melatonin, bath, story, and bed. Mornings have had to change for us lately as I have to leave earlier, so we are still trying to get a routine down for it.

  7. I use multiple alarms, a fade in light, and reminders on my phone of daily routines I need to remember. I still struggle with an efficient routine though. This timer seems helpful!

  8. I have two sons with ADHD and when school started this year, getting back into a morning and nighttime routine was a nightmare. I read about using a morning routine and bedtime routine system and after one week of trying to find shoes and make it to the bus on time, I figured I’d give it a shot. I created lists for both of my sons. I got them on board by taking them with me to the dollar store to pick out a container and marbles to put in the container. Each time they complete an item on the list, they put a marble in the container. The marbles act as points for them. When they reach 10 marbles they can earn 15 minutes of video-game time or they can bank those points for a bigger prize at the end of the week. I also purchased a Good Work sheet that we put stickers on to keep track of how many marbles they receive. Each box represents 10 marbles. By the end of the first week, my oldest son had earned 80 marbles and my youngest earned 60.We’ve only done this a week, but so far, it’s working. A timer would make it even better. My fingers are crossed that this will continue to work.

  9. This is an area where I really need help – I am drowning in the morning routine. A timer would be a great addition as time management is not working so great in our house. If i were to pick something that is working – I set the clock downstairs 5 minutes ahead so we have a buffer!

  10. What is a morning routine? What is it like not being frantic? 43 Year old single Mom + 7 year old daughter with ADHD = Crazy. Diagnosed at 40 and I still struggle on making my brain work like normal. Wait normal? HA.. normal. ADHD is my normal.

    What’s time?
    I have no concept of time!
    A timer?
    A timer sounds simply divine.
    Would it actually help?!!!
    I would love to find out.
    So I would not constantly,
    have to shout.
    Would it help my morning anxiety,
    and my frantic rush rush rush?
    Getting my daughter out in time,
    ready for the bus?
    I would like to try something different,
    maybe a timer will do.
    I like this chance of possible winning,
    ADDitude Mag, much thanks to you!

  11. I love reading all the comments because we so need help with this issue! Right now, I’m finding myself nagging him because he can’t stay on task. Especially as we get into a new school year routine, we are struggling.

  12. My daughter has an Echo speaker, so we set up a routine through the Alexa app. All someone has to do is say “Alexa, start morning routine,” and the speaker tells her everything she needs to do to get ready.

  13. To make our morning routine effective for a family of three, the night before, I pack lunch bags and prep anything needed for the morning. In the morning, I wake up first and give myself about 30 minutes to get ready (shower, breakfast, etc.) before my husband gets up and helps with our toddler. We don’t turn on the TV during the morning, as that is only a distraction. The night before, his clothes are laid out and bag packed for the next morning. Nighttime routines are key to helping the morning go smoothly!

  14. We have a morning chart with doors that open for each task. My kids have a rule that they don’t go downstairs until they are dressed. However, a timer would help I think as my son really loses track of time in the mornings and often we end up in a mad rush before the bus arrives!

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