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Enter to win a Revibe Connect Plus Package — the discrete vibration reminder system that helps children with focus and attention issues to stay on task and boost their confidence naturally. To enter, just answer this question: What do you most hate nagging (or being nagged) about?

ADHD and the Nagging Epidemic

No one likes nagging. We know it plants the seeds of stress and resentment. But sometimes we just don’t know what else to do when homework is entering its second hour, baseball practice starts in 15 minutes, and your child is staring out the window again. That’s when we feel chained to the vicious cycle of nag, nag, nag… until action follows.

How Revibe Connect Helps

Revibe Connect is a U.S. Department of Education-funded wearable that improves focus & attention span with quiet, gentle vibration reminders to the wrist. The device connects to an app that tracks the user’s progress over time and celebrates their improvements. First generation Revibe saw immediate, sustained improvement in 83% of students with self-regulation deficits.

Enter to Win a Revibe Connect PLUS

To win one of two Revibe Connect PLUS packages (a $169.95 value each), use the Comments section below to tell us: No one likes nagging. What reminder(s) would you rather never repeat and repeat and repeat (or hear over and over) again?


Wednesday, May 15, 2019, at 11:59 pm EST.


Only Comments posted with a valid email address will be considered valid entries. One entry per household per day. The editors of ADDitude will select two winners at random and notify them via email on Friday, May 17, 2019.
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    1. Forgot to mention the nag – I wish I never had to remind my son to bring home his agenda from school, the activities he has each day, and that we have to leave the home by 8:00 am.

  1. I most hate being nagged about willpower. That I don’t have it and should finally have it. I tried many times to explain my relatives that I do have willpower but I cannot use it all the time. It’s not natural and it is exhausting to use willpower for every little everyday task. I found out that maybe I have more willpower than normal (NT) people because I had to use it for simple tasks that normal people do not even notice. Take out the garbage and risk that I meet one of the neighbors. I do not hate them, but still it can cause a great deal of anxiety and stress. And to take the bus to work, and do the shopping, etc.
    So I really really hate when they tell me that “yeah, life is hard but you have to get yourself together and have willpower”.

  2. I am taking care of my grandson. He loves technology and works hard to keep up with all of the demands on his time. I see how stressed he can be and have often wished for a positive and reliable tool to help with time management. This looks like an answer to a prayer.

  3. I wish I never have to nag to my daughter and that she can remember to bring all her belonging back home everyday after school. “Please remember to bring home all your belonging” This is a sentence that I have to constant repeat every single day to my daughter but she still forget things in school. 🙁

  4. I have been looking for something like this for a while now. It would be so wonderful to not have to live life on repeat with constant nagging and reminding to do every day tasks.

  5. I try not to nag too much, but a child with ADHD makes that nearly impossible. The things I nag about most frequently about are putting things away when she is done with them, bringing her jackets/sweaters home from school, and to not take her sisters things. The Revibe sounds like an exciting instrument to use to help!

  6. I have to stay on my two children constantly to Get ready to leave the house. They get distracted and forget to even wear their shoes out the door in winter.

  7. I am a mom to 2 boys. I am constantly saying, “don’t miss, flush and wash.” I try not to nag too much. I do find myself trying to keep them on task or asking them multiple times to do something.

  8. She has no concept of time. I will send her to do a task and 20 minutes later she is doing something else and the task has not been complete (or maybe even started). Would be nice to have something that gives her a quick “poke” to remind her she is supposed to be doing something….rather than me having to nag.

  9. So many things I find myself having to remind her to do, but the most pressing is that I find I always have to nag my daughter to brush her teeth (she recently got braces). I think a tool like the Revibe would increase her independence with this and other tasks like cleaning her room, doing her homework, and taking care of the pets. Thanks for this opportunity!

  10. It’s always the silly little things that my little guy forgets… Washes his hands but forgets to dry them, let’s the dog out that forgets to close the door, gets dressed but forgets to take off his pj shorts under his pants lol.

    I always feel bad nagging because they’re so minor and I know he’s trying, but good grief do they add up

  11. Ours is all about school. Mastered the stuff at home. At schools it’s, bring home ur homework, sit in your seat, pay attention, no talking…SO MUCH TALKING. He’s great with us but once we are out of site he’s a wild man. This would work good for him. I think…we have been thinking about getting him one!

  12. “Stop picking at your fingers or you’re gonna start bleeding. Put a toy in your hands or put your gloves on.” Every few minutes, every day. I imagine his teacher does the same.

  13. I always had an idea in my mind how raising my boy would be. That idea was thrown out the window and blown up into little pieces with his SPD, ADHD and ASD. My boy is perfect and wouldn’t change a thing but i would be glad to add anything and everything to help him get through the day just a little easier.

  14. Without fail, every morning and every night I am reminding my son to brush his teeth. Worse yet, he always claims to have done it until I can prove he didn’t and then he finally does it. I absolutely hate that I have to nag him about this so much!

  15. I would love to not have to remind my daughter to take her medications. I would love for her to get to the point where she takes her medication independently. Then she tells me she took care of things. Her mindset alters every morning and night upon my questioning her.

  16. “You need to move quicker, you’re going to be late”. No matter how early my daughter gets up in the morning, she cannot stay on schedule. If she finds herself ahead of schedule, which is the point of getting up early, she finds a way to waste the time. No matter how many schedules we write up for her to follow, they work for a week or so and then it’s right back to where we started. It’s very frustrating because I know it’s part of her ADHD, but you would think that the disappointment and consequences of being late so much would prompt her to learn from it and keep moving in the morning. I get frustrated that I can’t do more for her.

  17. “Get your schoolwork done”. Between my TV and video-game driven 13-year old that is off the bus three hours before we get home, and my 10-year old daughter that is at a school that has self-paced curriculum, it is a constant battle. We chose this school because it specializes in gifted kids like her, but there are times I wish I could whisper in her ear a reminder to get her math and Spanish completed.

  18. I ask/remind my son on a daily basis “Have you completed your “Before/After School List?” Although I give him credit for the few things he managed to complete, he invariably skips steps or 1/2 way does them. There is ALWAYS an excuse as to why they weren’t completed, and it’s NEVER his fault. We are working on accountability and how important it is and how brave he is when he takes ownership of his decision to not complete a task.

  19. I am always reminding my son to eat his breakfast! There are too many things to distract him when he gets up. Breakfast is so important for him because his medication makes his appetite disappear during the day.

  20. “To pick up his dirty clothes from the floor. To throw his trash away when he’s done eating his snacks.” Wherever he changes clothes / eats is where the trail of clothes and trash remains.

  21. These are the most common things that our 14yo son needs to be reminded of on a constant basis:

    • Please stop picking your nails
    • Did you bring home your lunch bag?
    • Did you write it in your planner?
    • Did you turn in ___________?

  22. Self-maintenance is the thing I’m sick of reminding about, even now that she just turned 13. I have to tell her to change her clothes, brush her teeth, brush her hair, and take a shower. She gets so involved in what she’s doing that time doesn’t exist!

  23. I am tired of asking over and over about socks. My 6 yr old just can’t seem to get socks on his feet. Or my other favorite is that the teacher didn’t give him homework. Which I know very well is just hanging out in his cubby at school.

  24. My 8 year old mostly needs constant reminders for his morning routine (none of us are morning people). The most common ones are:
    –Put your shoes on
    –Brush your teeth
    –Get your backpack
    –Take your lunch
    –Remember to eat your lunch! (he forgets his lunch in class and ends up going through the line; due to food allergies, this is very unnerving)

  25. Throw your trash away — don’t throw your trash on the floor! If you’re going to eat in the TV room, be prepared to clean up after yourself! Please, please, please!!!

  26. Turn in your homework! We spend hours on his homework, and then never turns it in! I can’t even understand it. Or, brush your teeth. He spends more time trying to trick me into thinking he’s brushed his teeth, then if he would actually JUST brush his teeth!

  27. Oh the things I find myself saying…

    Did you brush your teeth, not just run the water?
    Did you put underwear on?
    Did you do your homework?
    Do you have your lunch?
    Do you have your shoes?

  28. “No one likes nagging. What reminder(s) would you rather never repeat and repeat and repeat (or hear over and over) again?”

    Take your medication! Morning, midday, evening every single day.

  29. At home we have strict times when we get ready for bed. It’s the same routine but Parker always needs reminders to put his dirty laundry away, brush his teeth, pack his lunch, and that’s the nighttime routine. Getting ready in the morning requires us constantly reminding him to put his shoes on or get breakfast. He’s going into middle school in a year and a half and I want him to feel more independent. I think something like this would give him confidence.

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