Back-to-School Sweepstakes: Win a One-Year Membership to Online Times Alive!

Enter to win one of three learning tools from City Creek Press — Online Times Alive, Times Tables the Fun Way Teacher Kit, or Addition the Fun Way Teacher Kit— by answering this question below: Is there an educator who made a lasting impact on your child or your own education? What made them special? If not, describe your dream teacher.

The Educators Who Make a Difference

ADHD brains work differently. Not better or worse — just differently. And the educators who recognize this and who work to explain concepts, illustrate lessons, and engage students in new and novel ways can unlock amazing learning for children with ADHD. We salute the educators who make it their mission to teach each and every student in a way that works for each child.

Why ADHD Brains Love Times Alive

Entertaining and engaging stories make learning mathematics a breeze. Kids love the colorful, animated stories, songs, and interactive games that make the learning resources from City Creek shine bright.

City Creek Press, established in 1992, provides math lessons for instant success. Pictures and stories make learning fun, effective, and unforgettable.

Enter to Win a Learning Resource from City Creek

To win one of the 3 prizes listed below, use the Comments section below to tell us: Is there an educator who made a lasting impact on your child or your own education? What made them special? If not, describe your dream teacher.


The 3 chosen winners may select any one of the following prizes:

  • Online Times Alive: 1-year membership ($119.95 value)
    Online math program with animated stories, songs, and games to teach all of the times tables — 0s-9s. Tracks progress for up to 30 students. Access with any PC or Mac at home, school, or grandma’s house. Average post-test scores: 95%.
  • Times Tables the Fun Way: Teacher’s kit for multiplication and division ($89.75 value)
    Kids love this program because the stories fun and entertaining, and they can celebrate instant success by remembering the answer, which is the punch line of the story. Teachers love it because it is fun to teach. The Teacher’s Manual explains which stories to teach first for swift success and how to play our original games.
  • Addition the Fun Way: Teacher’s kit for addition and subtraction ($89.75 value)
    Learn to memorize the addition and subtraction facts with stories and activities that make learning fun and steady. #1 boost for math class when the facts are committed to memory.


Thursday, September 30, 2021, at 11:59 pm EST.


One entry per household. The editors of ADDitude will select three winners at random and notify them via email on Monday, October 1, 2021. (Full official rules)

5 Comments & Reviews

  1. A dream teacher would be someone who works with positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement techniques. Someone who loves teaching children and sees ADHD kids as simply learners that need different ways to grasp the same information.

  2. I have ADD as does my 5th grade son. I was diagnosed at age 40, he was in 2nd grade when he was diagnosed. His teacher was fantastic and was the one who thought he had it, she got the ball rolling and worked with my son to help him be successful and gain confidence!

  3. My dream teacher was my high school drama/tech theatre teacher. I knew I had ADHD yet I didn’t know all the challenges and set backs I was experiencing until he pulled me aside and helped me. He was very patient with me and helped me with regular high school challenges that were exaggerated out more because of my social anxiety and ADHD, such as having a hard time making friends and acting impulsively.

  4. I would love a teacher to know that my son can learn – he’s just needs to learn in other ways that help keep his interest. I hope as he gets older his teachers will be able to help him reach his full potential.

  5. My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Smith was the absolute best. In class she spoke with such poise, taking her time with each student, explaining and going over subjects we struggled with, even staying after the bell has rung for the day. Mrs. Smith had a way making everyone feel so special. Throughout the years seeing Mrs. Smiths beaming smile in the hall always reinforced my ‘brains power.’ Love that lady.

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