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Enter to win a Revibe Connect — the discreet vibration reminder system that helps children with focus and attention issues to stay on task and boost their confidence naturally. To enter, just answer this question: What do you find most challenging — or liberating — about pandemic time?

What Day Is It, Anyway?!?

Without school buses and basketball practices and dance recitals to ground our days and our weeks, it’s easy to lose track of time. Every day feels like Wednesday, which is disconcerting and draining. This pandemic time warp also makes it tough for our children to stick to a healthy routine, to maintain focus at school, and to remember deadlines.

How Revibe Connect Helps

Revibe Connect is the watch that reminds students to get back to work. Working at home or school, kids feel a gentle, automated ‘vibration reminder’ from Revibe on their wrist. This type of discreet redirection empowers students to complete their work independently, improving self-confidence and academic outcomes. Parents and teachers can track student progress with attention span and more on Revibe’s app.

Enter to Win a Revibe Connect PLUS

To win a Revibe Connect (a $119.95 value), use the Comments section below to tell us: What do you find most challenging — or liberating — about pandemic time?


Sunday, February 28, 2021, at 11:59 pm EST.

More About Revibe

Revibe was created by a school psychologist to help kids focus, and to provide easy-to-read, data-driven insight for how others can help. Our psychology-based tool has given students a chance to reach their full potential, and provided hope and support to parents and educators. Research for Revibe was funded in part by the U.S. Department of Education!


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171 Comments & Reviews

  1. My son is doing virtual learning per our choice this year, the most rewarding thing I have found, is I am able to see how school affects him (to a certain extent) and I am able to help him if he needs help. I don’t have to rely on the school to give me reports of how he is behaving in classes. I am able to see just how hard he works when he is doing his school lessons. I have also found the most challenging part of the virtual learning is being able to see how much focus is an issue for him. I redirect him a lot during the day to help him re focus so he can get back to learning. I know it is a huge problem when he is in the school builidng as well

  2. It’s been nice to not have to deal with a lot of the outside world. When my kids were e-learning in the spring, we spent a lot of time together as a family because we were all home all of the time. I enjoyed that. In the fall, the kids went back to school, which was a little bit of an adjustment. We could have done e-learning, but I think both kids have benefitted from being around their friends. Generally speaking, though, and I almost hate to say this, but we have done very well during this pandemic. We haven’t been able to travel to any national parks like we would have wanted to do, but we have bonded a bit more.

  3. The most challenging thing I find or liberating about pandemic time is my morning chores & spending time with my husband & son is playing board games. Best Regards, Mariann

  4. I seem to miss time a lot. I feel like I am constantly checking and rechecking. I wish we could go back to the way it was before…I need a watch to keep me grounded…lol

  5. I find it hard just to have any kind of daily routine these days. This pandemic is a hard thing to face. I have been in and out of work for the past year now and it is draining me mentally, physically, and socially.

  6. The most challenging thing about the pandemic is thinking about the future and being in my thoughts. Pondering what is next? Evaluating what is important in life, what is non-important? Thus this challenging time has also been the most liberating time having the time to think about this when I wouldn’t have it there was no pandemic.

  7. The most difficult thing for me was getting my child to actually focus on when it was time for school. She had gotten so thrown off with the period of time where they didn’t have anything but the learning packets, that when distant learning came around, it took us a good bit to adjust to that.

  8. Most difficult thing for me is losing my me time. I teach my kids all day and then have everything else going on. I really miss my days. But on the positive note I do like being able to teach my kids.

  9. I find challenging during the pandemic not being able to get out as much to exercise. I haven’t been to gym because of the pandemic. I try to work out at home, but without the equipment it’s not the same. I also find challenging virtual learning for my kids. I have 5 kids in school and they are 100% virtual. It’s been so hard to keep up with them.

  10. huh I find it very difficult to find the extra time just to go huh relax and relax I find it scary and I’m always trying to clean and disinfect I find this so serious I’m scared and not to overreact so my kids don’t its scary

  11. The most challenging for me through this pandemic is socialization. I haven’t seen my sister in almost a year as she lives in a retirement apartment and can’t have visitors. Although we talk on the phone weekly, I miss visiting her in person and hope that will change in the future.

  12. I find the most challenging thing is keeping track of break time, it seems like everything is a break and only a little time is focusing, whereas non-pandemic time it’s the opposite – most of the time is focusing and only a little is break.

  13. Keeping my son focused throughout the day virtual learning is a challenge, however; seeing a full day of school and all the things he has great successes with along with the most challenging aspects of the day has been eye opening.

  14. I am a senior and went to work out at a health club on an almost daily basis before COVID. I was really concerned when I couldn’t go, but now I wonder if I will ever go back. I have discovered the convenience of doing many many different types of workouts which have been at my convenience. I am now exercising more than ever and harder than ever. I do miss the socialization at the health club, but my body has gotten much better workouts!

  15. What do you find most challenging — or liberating — about pandemic time?
    Liberating is that I don’t have to worry about social events or keeping an activity schedule. The challenging is the isolation and lack of motivation.

  16. Virtual school has been interesting but I do love spending more time with my family. I do wish things would go back to normal for the kids – they need that social time.

  17. The most challenging aspect of the pandemic is the change in routine. My son is now home Schooled and I have left my job to be home to help. Although we are making it work, life will never be how it was.

  18. I find keeping mentally healthy has been quite challenging. Not being able to be with other family and friends has been the most difficult. Memories are made together, in person. And although technology has been helpful, it just isn’t the same.

  19. We had a lot of mental health issues in our household in 2019. 2020 forced us to thin out our activities and re-evaluate our priorities. While it breaks my heart what families have gone through and how the pandemic has ravaged the world, we have used it to focus on the family. Since we are homeschooling, I have had a much better look at what is causing issues at school than when they were in a physical classroom. There is much work to be done (especially dealing with focusing and school work), but at least we are headed in the right direction. Also, I would have never considered online school before the pandemic and am now seriously considering continuing it once this is over.

  20. The most challenging thing for me in the pandemic is relationship with my partner. I am an extrovert with ADHD and my partner is an introvert. I used to spend most nights of my week socializing with friends whilst he preferred to spend time at home playing computer games. When we moved in together during the pandemic I started feeling lonely as he preferred to do things on his own during free time and being quiet, not hearing what I said and being distracted all the time and it was driving me crazy! I started doubting his feelings and our compatibility because it suddenly seemed like we had nothing in common anymore. I started overthinking, my anxiety was rising, we started arguing and spending time in separate rooms both feeling misunderstood and resentful. The arguing was getting worse and it seemed like there was no way out. On our one year anniversary things escalated, I got him a gift and arranged a dinner and he didn’t even get me flowers. He kept apologizing and saying how much he loved me but I was way too fed up and tired of feeling unwanted. After that he went for ADHD screening, and it turned out I was not the only one with ADHD! He started getting treatment in December and educating himself on how his ADHD is affecting his behaviour and became more assertive and considerate towards my needs. And I realized that his feelings were still the same, it was just his ADHD symptoms which got much worse in lockdown. We’ve never felt so close and happy as we are now:)

  21. The most challenging part for me is trying to keep my two kids focused while I focus on my own schoolwork as well. It has led to a lot of late nights as I end up sitting with them while they do their work to make sure it gets done and can get very frustrating.

  22. I can’t stick to any kind of schedule, which makes it really difficult to make plans. Sometimes I sleep during the day, and I’m awake at night. I have no external factors keeping me on a schedule. Even when I make my own weekly schedule and post it to the fridge, I follow it for a week then lose all motivation.

  23. What I find most liberating about the pandemic time is that since I am restricted mainly to my own home I use the time I spent running around to outside sctivities to get back to my hobbies and intereste that I let slip by in the past.

  24. One thing I was able to do because of the pandemic was working from home for a time. It was different than what I thought it would be- good in some ways, but difficult in others.

  25. There are 5 of my grandchildren here,I love being surrounded by them each day,virtual learning though tough at times,is a great resource for those of us who are in fear of covid.

  26. Since my teenager has been doing remote learning, I am relieved that the constant calls from the school regarding his constant fidgeting and blurting out and his lack of ability to stay seated, has been halted until he returns to face-to-face learning. We do struggle with keeping time and staying on track with each class.

  27. The most challenging thing during this pandemic has been distance learning with my kindergartner, 2nd grader, and 3rd grader who has adhd and struggles everyday.

  28. The thing I find most challenging about the pandemic is wondering if things will ever go back to “normal” – they way we used to be able to go out or travel or visit friends.

  29. I have found pandemic time very challenging. Educating my children while trying to work from home means that something fails. We spent from March to June “homeschooling” with little to no direction in what to do so my children lost that time. Since September we have had to isolate 3 different times and they lose that time as well. With my daughter having ADHD this is EXTREMELY challenging as the structure that she needs in her school work is so lacking. The only positive out of all of this is that we have been spending more time together and discovering our love of board games.

  30. This has been a twofold scenario. With less commitments, there is less stress. But now that my daughter is learning at home, we lose track of time more easily.

  31. Pandemic Time!!!! Aaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! The MOST challenging part of this Pandemic, has been that it is LIBERATING!!!!! We seldom think, or even realize, exactly how much time we spend, on a daily basis, NOT actually focusing on ourselves. My Son is 15 years old, has ADHD, ASD-HFA (Asperger’s), and a plethora of other conditions. When school shut down in March 2020, his world crashed, and he completely shutdown. He thrives by routine. He thrives in the school environment. He lacks the skills needed for self discipline: Virtual Learning is not for him. Ultimately, this has hurt his Mental Health and Stability. He has been hospitalized twice since August 2020. We have adjusted medications, their respective doses, sleeping routine/patterns, morning wake up time, as well as his bedtime. How has this been liberating? I’m sure that’s the obvious question! Our world has been shutdown right in front of our eyes. We were given no choice. This leads to much more “free” time than we knew we had in our lives. Personally, this Pandemic has allowed both me and my child the opportunity to spend time THINKING; the opportunity to spend time sorting through all those jumbled up thoughts and emotions we bury deep inside. And we have been given the blessed time to do this TOGETHER. And that, my Friends, has lead to such great changes in our lives. We have spent time with each other, one on one – without our phones, or remotes, or game controllers, in our hands. The amount of growth inside us each, individually, is simply AMAZING. Let us not forget that these opportunities wouldn’t have been given to us unless God thought otherwise. He has lead my heart, soul, and mind, this entire time, to every single answer and reason, as well as those things that are still left unanswered. Here’s to the most unpredicted, LIBERATING time, that we never saw coming at us!!!

  32. We opted for the “Live” real time option. The most challenging thing was helping my son stay on task with quizzes and tests. The most liberating thing was not having to get up earlier to drive him to school.

  33. While teaching remotely, I found that my students are better at letting others have their time to speak. I find that while I enjoy remote teaching, I am not treating my time as my own and do not have proper boundaries in place because I am very overwhelmed.

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