February Sweepstakes: Win a Revibe Connect

Enter to win a Revibe Connect — the discrete vibration reminder system that helps children with focus and attention issues to stay on task and boost their confidence naturally. To enter, just answer this question: What would you write to your child, your loved one, or yourself in a Valentine that celebrates their greatest ADHD attributes?

What I Love About You

ADHD is loud. It’s messy. And forgetful. And complicated. Sometimes, all of this noise has a way of drowning out — or distracting from — the really amazing, beautiful, and genuine traits that live alongside ADHD in our kids (and ourselves). The ‘good’ is overlooked. And that is a darn shame because the ‘good’ is really, really great.

So this February, let’s resolve to focus on the ‘good.’ Let’s send one Valentine — comment, note, or hug — to our kids and ourselves each day. Let’s practice love… and see if it catches on.

How Revibe Helps the Good Shine

Revibe is the watch that reminds students to get back to work. Instead of an embarrassing tap on the shoulder from their teacher, kids feel a gentle, automated ‘vibration reminder’ from Revibe on their wrist. This type of discreet redirection empowers students to complete their work independently, improving self-confidence and academic outcomes. Parents and teachers can track student progress with attention span and more on Revibe’s app.

Enter to Win a Revibe Connect PLUS

To win a Revibe Connect (a $149.99 value), use the Comments section below to tell us: What would you write to your child, your loved one, or yourself in a Valentine that celebrates their greatest ADHD attributes?


Saturday, February 29, 2020, at 11:59 pm EST.

More About Revibe

Revibe was created by a school psychologist to help kids focus, and to provide easy-to-read, data-driven insight for how others can help. Our psychology-based tool has given students a chance to reach their full potential, and provided hope and support to parents and educators. Research for Revibe was funded in part by the U.S. Department of Education!


Only Comments posted with a valid email address will be considered valid entries. One entry per household per day. The editors of ADDitude will select two winners at random and notify them via email after Saturday, February 29, 2020.

130 Comments & Reviews

  1. Dear Bug,

    Have I ever told you your candid sense of humor is something I look forward to every day. And your unique laugh is icing on the cake. You’re so much fun to be with.

    Love, Mom

  2. My dear Steve,

    I’ve been working with you for almost 3 years now and with each day I realise how much of potential you have, how amazing and genuine person you are, and I wish that as many people could see your beauty as I can see it in you.

    I know you are trying hard and I know that sometimes it might be too much, but I will always be there for you to help you overcome any obstacles and try to make it as easy and comfortable for you.

    You should be proud of yourself, your parents should be proud of you. I am glad they understand and support you as much as I do and this is what matters the most.

    Sincerely yours,
    Mr Oleg

  3. Cayden,

    You are such a strong and loving young man. We want you to have a safe, happy, and successful life. This is why we encourage you to do the right things, do your best at school, and treat others as you would like to be treated.

    We love you beyond words, will always be here for you and want the best for you.

    Be brave and strong!

    Nana and Papa

  4. On a day like Valentine’s Day it’s important for me to stress how much you are loved! You are talented and charismatic. You prove to our family and to the world that there is more than one way of looking at and solving problems. To sit and watch you makes me happy inside and nothing else matters when you speak to me. Your fire inside is going to allow you to do extraordinary things!!!! You have taught me patience and made me look deep inside to better myself. You make a difference in the world everyday and for that we love you! I hope you never lose that fire, I love you kiddo!!!

  5. Dear Valentine,
    You have taught me more than I ever imagined. I love you just the way you are. You have taught me how to be a better parent (I am still learning!) and a better human being around those whose brains work differently. I wish that everyone had the opportunity to learn from amazing people like you–the world would be a better place. I am also inspired by your generous heart. No matter how many times I get frustrated, you forgive me for those moments of lost patience and nagging you. When you volunteered at Feed My Starving Children, I saw how happy it made you to help other people who were suffering. You are going to do great things one day!
    Love, Mom

  6. Dear Past Me:

    We’ve come a long way together. This journey has been 50 years so far. It has been fraught with so many struggles. Most of which have left us with scars to prove our passage. And through it all, there was the ever growing sense that something just wasn’t ‘right’ in our world. We always left a situation feeling incomplete or unsatisfied. In the realm of Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt in “As good as it gets”, we came to the realization that for us, this WAS as good as it was going to get. Never quite fitting in. Never quite reaching the goals we set for ourselves. Never quite feeling like we have a handle on life. The “why” never answered.

    Then we had that momentous one-off conversation just over a year ago. Talking with our girlfriend, who had just told us that she was diagnosed ADHD in school. From our ever curious mind, we asked what it was like to live with ADHD, as we had never met someone before who had been diagnosed. The shock and disbelief as she began to describe, not her life, but ours. The slow realization that maybe, just maybe, this wasn’t as good as it gets.

    We began the process of diagnosis, treatment and then adding medication to our daily routine. For a while, we flirted with sadness and regret at what could have been. The missed opportunities, the misunderstandings. Who could we have become? But we acknowledged that our past is our past. We have been given the chance to experience a whole new life. A new life, that because of the old, we will revel in and seize with both hands.

    I am reminded of a passage in “A Psalm of Life”:

    Life is real! Life is earnest!
    And the grave is not its goal;
    Dust thou art, to dust returnest,
    Was not spoken of the soul.

    Not enjoyment, and not sorrow,
    Is our destined end or way;
    But to act, that each to-morrow
    Find us farther than to-day.

    So much now makes sense. Hope exists again. Seize life!

  7. Dear NC, Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweet, smart, funny and brave little boy! I am so proud of you. You fill my life with joy and laughter. You are a gift to your family and friends and everyone who has the pleasure to know you! I love you, Mom

  8. Sam ‘o my Sweet Sam ~

    You’ve kept me running since you found your little legs. You learned how to turn a doorknob, climb bookcases, and open the refrigerator before your first words. You are brave to the point of keeping me sweating, my catching arms at the ready always when you were little.

    Now a teenager, somehow we’ve escaped many predicted hospital trips, but my sweating continues (every time you leave the house). I worry your belief of being invincible will sneak up on you and teach you too-scary a lesson. I worry your impulsive nature will take you down too-risky a road.

    Through all of your antics and bold embrace of life, I have total faith that you will rock this world as you make your way to adulthood. You are generous like no one I’ve ever seen. You give away birthday money happily to anyone who looks like they need it more than you; you make everyone laugh with the most clever of off-the-cuff humor. You still tell me you love me, loudly and proudly without prompting, even in front of friends. You are special beyond belief, and truly a gift to our family.

    I gave you your ADHD; I share your diagnosis – thank you for not holding that against me. I struggle with mine daily, while you wear it like a badge, and make me so proud.


  9. Dear Hannah,
    You are one of the most most caring & compassionate people I know. You are so smart & creative, and I love hanging out with you. You have worked so hard, and I am proud of you! Remember that life will always be filled with challenges; that is how we learn and grow. I will always be here to cheer you on, to fight your wars, to wipe your tears and to celebrate YOU! You are a wonderful person & I am so honored to be your Mom. I love you!

  10. Dear Colton,
    I admire your big heart and sensitive nature. I enjoy watching you try your hardest and achieve what seemed to be impossible. I hope you never change who you are to conform to the worlds standards! I love you so much!
    Love Always,

  11. Dear V,

    Though you often take on too much, it is not a deficit but a surplus you possess. A surplus of love, of creativity, relentlessly pursuing justice and the good of the oppressed. A deficit not of distraction, but a surplus of attention, a laser-like focus on your tasks. The world wants to tell you you have a disorder, but it’s really just that you’re not focused on what they want you to be. You are exactly who you were created to be, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

    I love you,

  12. Happy Valentine’s Day! We love you Ella Bean!! Always let your creative mind and loving heart shine. Have a great day wiggle butt and we love you always and forever. 💜 Mom and Dad

  13. Dear Lucy,
    I love the energy that you bring into every day. I love the random acts of thoughtful kindness that you perform for everyone, without warning, each day. I love your “recharge” time after a long day, when we can get quiet time together.

  14. Dear William,

    With every day you bring me gifts. The sparkle in your eyes softens me. Your unbridled enthusiasm excites me. Your sense of humor delights me. The perspective you bring to each experience broadens my perception. The passion that does not come naturally to me spreads from you and brings me joy I would not otherwise know.

    Even on the rough days, you bring me gifts, although I may not always be able to see them right away. You push me to be more patient, less rigid, more creative and compassionate. You have been sent to me to grow the spaces where I was weak.

    Thank you for all of these things and more.
    I love you!

  15. To my dearest Dominic,

    I see the struggles and struggle with the very same things. What blows me away is your non-stop creativity and kindness. When you see me getting frustrated you give the biggest hugs and tell me, “you can do this”. I am so happy you live with me as I get to see your heart and your creativity. I have never seen anyone whose mind is constantly “on” as much as yours. I love the way you can take anything and make it into a robot or a dog or…? Or the way you will set up a party for us and your stuffies.

    Thank you for all that you are and for sharing it with me!

  16. Dear JB,
    You are the greatest gift that has ever happened to me. There is nothing that I would rather see than your smiling face and to hear your infectious laugh every day. You are amazing young man and every day you surprise me. You are very compassionate, kindhearted and always helping others when you see they are struggling. I love that you have so much energy, enjoy sports and love playing outside. I love that you are always curious, always asking questions and want to see how things work. You always want to try something new and you challenge yourself to do well in school. I hope you know that I am your biggest fan and will support you in any way I can.
    Love you to outer space and back,
    Mom XOXO

  17. To my husband, daughter and son – I love that your forgetfulness and kind spirits combine in a wonderful way to give you hearts of forgiveness. You easily forgive when I make mistakes and you teach me how to forgive. You show me how to let go and face each moment with a clean slate. Your beautiful examples of showing love help me to learn to be more loving. Thank you. I love you.

  18. To my sweet Coopman…..Eleven years ago, you blessed our family. God definitely knew what He was doing when He added you to our family and completed it. You have brought so much joy, excitement, and brightness into our lives. The most important thing you have brought into our lives is LOVE! You love everyone, you show love to everyone, and everyone loves you. You give the best hugs and everyone always wants a Cooper hug. So when you sometimes struggle with schoolwork or with thinking things through, remember that God loves you and we love you! We are your biggest fans and together we will figure things out. We will always be by your side and support you. You are you and you are loved!
    Mom and Dad

  19. Dear Benjamin – I hope you know how much you are loved and although you struggle to organize yourself, you are improving in that area.
    Dad doesn’t really understand how your very powerful brain works but he’s getting there. I know you and I butt heads sometimes but I want you to know that I know how you feel because I am the one you inherited this kind of brain from!!
    You will harness your brain to do great things; this I am sure of!!
    Love Love and more Love,

  20. Dear son,

    Being your mom has made me – not a better person, I don’t think. I’m still riddled with faults and I make mistakes every day. But facing up to your difficulties, accepting them, and fighting for your services has made me less selfish, and much tougher than I ever was before you came into my life.

    And now I’m proud of the way you fight for yourself. You know what your challenges are, you face them every day, and you make them work for you.

    You are like the words of “Sonny boy” … “You’re sent from heaven, and I know your worth. You’ve made a heaven, for me right here on earth.”

    I don’t want to imagine what my life would have been like without you. Much grimmer, much less fun, much less love.

    Thank you, dear son, for being you. To me, you are beautiful, just the way you are.

  21. Jackjack,

    You got your nickname because we had to say your name twice (okay, more) to get your attention;) We probably knew we needed a 1 syllable name when you kicked for months and busted out 4 weeks early. I love how you have been cleaning since you could stand. You started pushing a broom before you could say many words and you played with your vaccum all day, stating on Christmas Day when you got it and wouldn’t even finish opening your other gifts. It was lucky for us that you wanted the real thing because you vacuum, sweep, mop, wipe, mow lawn, rake, shovel, and snowblow better than all of us. You are never too tired to help and usually do it before I can ask. I love the way you say “Wait, what?” and have us all doing it. I love the empathy you show for your classmates because you know that sitting in school is not as much fun as football. I love how you impulsively jump in without worrying what other think.

    You are an amazing young man and these are only a few of the MILLIONS of things I love about you. I am so proud of how hard you work to stay focused and show that you are smart. I love you to pieces.

  22. My favorite boy,
    You’re the source of so much joy,
    buzzing with humor and music and wit.
    Perhaps this Revibe could be a hit?
    Let’s try…it 😉

  23. To my three lovely boys, Chace, Jairet, and Gilbert, you all are unique in your own way. Chace you are so creative and the way you dance makes me full of joy. You never stop surprising me. When peers made fun of you, you turned it into a spectacular display and now you have your own video on YouTube. Jairet, you are very ingenuitive and can make something great out of any little thing you are given. You are always digging deeper to find answers to things you don’t understand. You have a kind heart and are always thinking of others. I know conversations are hard for you, but you will find your voice and it will be powerful. Gilbert I know you are still little, but you have a big mind. You are always asking powerful questions and making people think. You are a super advocate for kids who are being targeted and you stand strong in your defense of others. I always say, “Welcome to the circus that is our home, but you three unique boys make it a wonderful fun place to be”.

  24. To me,

    I like me for me!
    Happy Late Valentine’s Day…

    🤔 I relate well with music and this simple verse came to mind from the song-

    Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me for Me) Lyrics

    By Blessid Union of Souls

  25. To my husband, daughter and son,

    I love that you all look at the world in such a different way. You come up with creative solutions that I never would have thought of and you see things that I miss. You help me slow down and appreciate the moment. You are blessings to me in so many ways. I love you.

  26. My dearest daughter,
    You are my heart, so it is no surprise that you are my Valentine. You were born in the 13th of February, but only because they wouldn’t let me wait a day to have you on the 14th!
    I wished for a little blonde hair, blue-eyed girl, and that’s what God gave me. I knew you would be special. I didn’t know that you would be special in so many ways.
    I want you to know that I am proud of you. I am proud of all you’ve accomplished. I know that sometimes it is difficult when you struggle and you are not like your friends. We have even weathered kids discriminating against you because you have ADHD.
    So today, a day about love, I want to remind you of ALL the things I love about you and even the things you might think are bad.
    I LOVE that I have to remind you to be quiet, because that means you are alive and well.
    I LOVE that I have to remind you to walk down the stairs and not tromp like an elephant, because those are footsteps I may never have heard if I didn’t have you.
    I LOVE that I have to remind you to brush your hair because it gives me the chance to brush with you.
    I LOVE the way you get super silly and can’t stop giggling because I know you are joyful.
    I LOVE that I have to remind you to get your coat/cheer bag/charger because it lets you know I’m paying attention to you.
    I LOVE that I have to remind you (every day) to take your meds because it tells you I care.
    I LOVE that you tell stories in circles and that a story which could be told in a minute takes 15 minutes because you get sidetracked.
    I LOVE how you “Squirrel” and just randomly jump to another subject or blurt something out.
    I LOVE the way you make me laugh and make me feel. I LOVE your smile and the sparkle in your eyes. I LOVE your big heart. I LOVE everything about you. Your tinyness, your ADHD, your EF issues…
    My sweet daughter… I love EVERYTHING about you the good, the bad, the things you think are bad, the things others think are bad, the things others think are good… EVERYTHING that makes you… YOU!

  27. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mikah!

    It’s been really interesting these past 11 months to spend more time with you than I ever have for an long period of tome. Even when you were tiny I had to go back to work after three months. Now I’ve struggled with you as you tried to learn remotely, and now going in only four days a week and trying to learn on your own on Wednesdays and bad weather days.

    I hadn’t realized how you used your ADHD hyperactivity and thinking outside the box to counterbalance the tendencies toward rigid sticking to routines common with older children and adults who have Down syndrome. Way to go using what could be challenges as strengths!

    Love you bunches and bunches,
    Mommy Karen

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