February Sweepstakes: Win a Revibe Connect

Enter to win a Revibe Connect — the discrete vibration reminder system that helps children with focus and attention issues to stay on task and boost their confidence naturally. To enter, just answer this question: What would you write to your child, your loved one, or yourself in a Valentine that celebrates their greatest ADHD attributes?

What I Love About You

ADHD is loud. It’s messy. And forgetful. And complicated. Sometimes, all of this noise has a way of drowning out — or distracting from — the really amazing, beautiful, and genuine traits that live alongside ADHD in our kids (and ourselves). The ‘good’ is overlooked. And that is a darn shame because the ‘good’ is really, really great.

So this February, let’s resolve to focus on the ‘good.’ Let’s send one Valentine — comment, note, or hug — to our kids and ourselves each day. Let’s practice love… and see if it catches on.

How Revibe Helps the Good Shine

Revibe is the watch that reminds students to get back to work. Instead of an embarrassing tap on the shoulder from their teacher, kids feel a gentle, automated ‘vibration reminder’ from Revibe on their wrist. This type of discreet redirection empowers students to complete their work independently, improving self-confidence and academic outcomes. Parents and teachers can track student progress with attention span and more on Revibe’s app.

Enter to Win a Revibe Connect PLUS

To win a Revibe Connect (a $149.99 value), use the Comments section below to tell us: What would you write to your child, your loved one, or yourself in a Valentine that celebrates their greatest ADHD attributes?


Saturday, February 29, 2020, at 11:59 pm EST.

More About Revibe

Revibe was created by a school psychologist to help kids focus, and to provide easy-to-read, data-driven insight for how others can help. Our psychology-based tool has given students a chance to reach their full potential, and provided hope and support to parents and educators. Research for Revibe was funded in part by the U.S. Department of Education!


Only Comments posted with a valid email address will be considered valid entries. One entry per household per day. The editors of ADDitude will select two winners at random and notify them via email after Saturday, February 29, 2020.

130 Comments & Reviews

  1. S, my love,

    You are the bright shining star of my mornings and evenings, the sun of my days. Your great heart and passionate diatribes are only matched by this relentless energy and bountiful imagination. I cannot imagine my life without you, so thank you 🙂

    With love, dad <3

  2. To my Kenzie aka mini me,
    I love everything about you. I love your ability to make yourself and others laugh. I love your desire to learn and grow. I love how mindful you can be of others and their feelings. I love that you try new things, even when you’re feeling anxious. I love your drawings and dance moves. I love you even when you forget to leave empty boxes of food in the fridge and cupboards. I love your heart for the people who have less than you. I love that you pray for your teachers and classmates. I love that you always apologize. I love that you try your hardest on all you do. I love being your mom. I love you! Thank you for being you. Love, Mom.

  3. Dear Son,
    Thank you for bringing so much imagination and excitement into our lives. I know you struggle daily, but your sweet personality and kind heart bring so much happiness to those around you despite the struggles. We love you always, Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. Dear my little one (my daughter) (and myself), I love your ability to connect so many varied facets of a topic. I love that we can interject in conversation and happily go anywhere in talk that we end up. Your abilities for such non-typical ways warm my heart and make me smile. Always shine brightly, my high-spirited child, you will make a difference in this world. You already have. I love you. Happy Valentines Day.

  5. Love bug,

    You have the greatest superpowers in the world. You have super brain powers which allows you to think more creatively, love deeply and power through the day at lightening speeds. You are special, you are kind, you are outstanding and you are loved. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  6. Dear my favorite Valentine Mason,
    You may make life crazy sometimes but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Underneath it all you are a very sweet, caring, super smart and funny little boy. I have loved watching you change and grow in school, sports and life in general. I can’t wait to see what life brings in the future 🙂 Love, Mom

  7. This morning (February 14th) I continued my tradition of starting off positive and supported at the breakfast table. Usually my boys find a positive affirmation (along with their morning check-off schedule, after school task list and zones of regulation beaded continuum) on their breakfast plate, but today each son found an acrostic poem I wrote for each one. (You may notice there was a theme at the end, in that they all ended with “nice.”) Here is how they went:

    K – knowledgeable on technology, especially video games:)
    A – amazing at darts and pool
    D – dog lover
    E – explorer
    N – ice
    My next son:
    A – affectionate
    U – unselfish (generous)
    S – sports enthusiast
    T – teller of wonderful stories
    I – insightful
    N – nice
    My last son:
    B – big hugger
    R – really makes others smile
    E – energetic
    X – xtreme sports
    T – tunes (music lover)
    O – observant
    N – nice
    They loved them!!

  8. My Dearest Joel,
    Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweetest boy! I have learned so much by being your mommy, thank you for having the ability to express to me how you learn, how do you think, what best ways I can motivate you, encourage you and reward you. We have different ways of thinking and I don’t always understand but you’ve done an amazing job teaching me how to make your environment most effective for you. I cannot wait to see what this great glorious world has for you. You are intelligent, creative, inspiring, a leader, compassionate, humorous, and filled with so many gifts that will impact this world for good! I cannot wait to see the man you will become and what wonderful opportunities you will have to make your mark in this world. I love you to the beach and back! 😍

  9. To H, my beautiful little mini-me,
    How much we have grown in your first 10 years! As an ADHD-mom parenting an ADHD pre-teen daughter, things aren’t always easy. I love that your strengths balance out my weaknesses (organization!) & vice versa. I love how creative you are & how passionately you pour yourself into your interests. You have a special gift of nurturing that I know will take you very far in life. I love you just the way you are! Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Love, mama

    To G, my favorite 7 yr old boy in all the land,
    Your energy & enthusiasm are contagious! I love how you are able channel your need to move into learning new skills (shooting hoops) or into building confidence in the ones you have already (soccer, golf, catching the baseball). I love how strongly you feel things, just like me. I love that when you set your mind to something (basketball court Valentine’s box!), you hyper-focus to get it accomplished. If you continue to cultivate that drive into doing things you love, you will be the greatest professional soccer player,, geologist, architect, police office, or whatever you want to be! I love you so much! Happy Valentine’s Day, snaggletooth! Love, mommy

  10. Reese, I know it’s been a hard road for you. You have had so many struggles. Through all of it, I know that you have made me a better mom and person! Some days have been so, so hard. So many many tears and prayers but God has a plan for you . You will have a story to tell someday. You are funny, loving, one of the best friends a friend could have. You are such an amazing student and I’m in awe of the knowledge that you possess; You never cease to amaze me. I will always always have your back and will be your biggest supporter. Love, Mom

  11. Dear Son, We love you more than you will ever know. There is nothing we do not love about the young man you have turned in to be, but we especially love the way you love unconditionally. Continue to be the sweet, loving, caring young man you are and you will go far in life. We will always love you!

  12. Every once in awhile, I send little notes in my daughters lunch bag, for her to read at lunchtime. In these notes I write her positive attributes or how much I love her. On Valentine’s Day I wrote to her, Happy valentines to my smart, beautiful, unique and creative girl. Keep being the wonderful girl that I love, never stop being you.
    I send these little notes to help inspire her and make her feel good about herself. My hope is that when she is having a bad day she can look through all the notes to pick herself up again, and boost her self esteem.
    She looks forward to these little notes, and always ask me to put them in her lunch bag. I will continue to do this and highlight a positive thing about her.

  13. Dear Son,

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you so much more than you know. While I know ADHD can make your life frustrating, you are a very intelligent, sweet, kind and caring boy. We are so proud of who you are and how you try your best. We encourage you to keep on trying, doing your best and being your unique self!

  14. Hailee,

    You are my love, and my world. Every day with you is interesting and new. You are often eager to learn something new and not let a moment slow you down. You have been through so much in the past few months, and you have been so understanding of it all. I know this is new for us both, but we are strong and are going to get through this together. I will support you and fight for you forever. I hope you know that nothing can ever stop me from being your mom and loving you.


  15. Dearest Emily,

    Happy Valentines Day sweetheart! I love your sense of humor, creativity, and the way you can focus on the many things that interest you! I know middle school isn’t easy, but remember your father and I love you very much and will always stand by your side!

  16. To my baby boy
    My bouncing, chatty, inquisitive, funny, and and just plain awesome boy. I want you to know that no matter what struggles this world tries to throw at you; you are wonderful just the way you are. We all strive for “perfection” and should continue forward movement. As you know, there is only one path to perfection. Until that time comes don’t change who you are. I may be partial but I love you just the way you are.

  17. My Ian,

    I know you think that having ADHD is a burden. You can be forgetful, distracted and seem uninterested. But I dont see those traits as negative – in fact, these contribute to your amazing strengths. Yes, you may forget to take your meds, but you never forget important dates, what me or Daddy promised. You may be distracted, but your hyper focus means you have passion for what you enjoy. And yes, you may seem uninterested, but you know what you like and how much you like it.

    You feel every emotion, good and bad. You give the best hugs. You still snuggle with me, even though our feet are the same size.

    Use your strengths – positive and ‘negative’, and you will conquer the world.

    Love forever, Mommy

  18. My Funny Valentine, I love how funny and silly you are. I love your BIG heart. You are so empathetic and that is so important. I love how creative you are.

    Don’t ever change.

  19. Dear Valentine,
    Never give up. Determined no matter what others tell you. Stubborn? Maybe just a little. When the other kids are ahead of you, you keep plugging away at your work. You keep it all together at school.

    Oh that impulsiveness. Just when I think I might lose it because a little birdie told me there are eggshells and yolks all over the kitchen, you surprise me with breakfast in bed.

    Such an adventurous spirit! I love that nothing keeps you down. The day the Boy Scouts of America opened up to girls, you demanded daddy sign you up, and he did. One weekend you’ll be in the woods camping and the next you’ll be in a leotard and makeup for a baton competition.

    ADHD is just part of who you are, and you are a beautiful person.


  20. Lincoln,

    You are my greatest achievement! You are the most creative and inventive little person. I love that you don’t care what others think and you continue on your path. Your hyper focus on the things you love shows me that where ever you decide to go in life, you will succeed. You are are my most favorite little boy!

  21. My son is currently having a mental health crisis due to the trifecta of ADHD, anxiety and depression. I want to tell him: I love you always. I love you when you’re sweet and cuddly, and when you’re moody and cruel. I love you when you’re well-behaved and polite, and when you’re dys-regulated and violent. I love you when you live up to your full potential, and also when you’re just trying to get through another day. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS.

  22. Your mind is not confined by the frames of what has already been done. You greet each challenge with a challenge of your own—boundless curiosity, enthusiasm, creativity. You love hard and grieve hard and laugh hard….a full kind of loving that makes the rest of us wonder if we have ever really loved, grieved, or laughed at all. You bring us out of the reveries of our past and out of the dreams for the future, right into the fullness of this lovely, life-filled moment. You are a gift.

  23. Your passion for life is contagious
    Highs and lows off the pages

    A war with “the norm” you will wage
    All the world is your stage

    Fascination, obsession, elation
    You are my exclamation

  24. Dear son,
    I love that you experience everything in a big way. The ideas and projects you come up with are big and exciting! The love you feel for your friends, brother, and parents is endless. You have a big, bubbly, loving, energetic personality and we are so lucky to have you. The world is going to see big things from you!

  25. Dear Valentine,

    I love your imagination and the ideas you come up with while you are differently-focused :). While the rest of us are planning for our next activity, you have a knack for making us stop and notice the sights around us. You keep us on our toes and I love that I never know what you’re going to say next. Sometimes it’s hilarious, sometimes it’s horrifying, but it’s always interesting! ❤️

  26. Dear 10 year old self- I love you now, more than I was able to at the time. Your vibrant curiosity is so infectious. The art that you create truly is impressive and I want to tell you to keep in creating, no matter what. It’s a part of you and stopping is one of my biggest regrets.
    You will find how you fit into the world and people who adore you. And you will love yourself. I’m sending you this love now so you can heal yourself and know yourself more deeply and truly.
    You are amazing and radiate talent and energy. Keep it up, kid. You’ll figure it out.<3

  27. To my son,
    ADHD does not define you, but it will always help define the constructs odd what you do and how you do it. I love that you have not let ADHD get in the way of your future. Your ADHD makes you someone who remembers the most random facts, who learns everything possible about things you are interested in, and who loves & feels passionately. Maybe ADHD has created some obstacles for you, but I truly believe you’ll come out the other side a strong, deep person for having had to overcome them.
    You have made us put our expectations in check and helped us realize what is truly valuable. You’ve helped us refocus our parenting and, I think, to become better, more supportive parents.
    I love you all that you are. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t trade away ADHD if given the chance. I wouldn’t trade a thing about you. Your #1 fan, Mom

  28. Dear “J”,

    You are a smart boy and I’m so proud of you!
    You have learned how to handle your emotions and are able to explain what you’re feeling and that is so important! You’ve come a long way and are doing great things! You make me smile every time you learn something new and you inspire other kids to be the best version of themselves.

    Love always,
    Aunty Becca

  29. My Sweet, Funny Valentine –

    You are the best at bringing me joy. Your kindness is immeasurable and your later infectious. You remind me that we are all unique and passionate about different things, yet so similar that we are often almost exactly the same. You showed me that my own struggles were not something I had to deal with in isolation, but instead from being neurologically atypical myself. I never knew the world was anything but the loud buzz in my own brain, and I had no idea that others didn’t have the same buzz distracting them endlessly. In many ways, you saved me – all the while I thought I was just trying to help you to be the best parts of yourself. I see you, even when it’s hard, trapped in your own buzz and distractions. And I know you are doing your best. Thank you for being mine. And never stop being so sweet and so incredibly kind, my funny, funny Valentine. ❤️

  30. Zacky, You are my snuggle bug, my inquisitive, always on point passionate babe. The thoughts that run through your brain amaze me and I know that one day you will do great things. My wish for you is to never lose that passion and enjoy the ride. Remember what we say “everyday is a gift we do our best.” I love you forever and always- Mommy

  31. To my Lexi, I love you for the beautiful smile you always carry around no matter what happens, I know that you feel like you are a mistake because of your ADHD but I promise you that you are the best thing that’s happened to me in my life. You are always so optimistic throughout everything that’s happened in your little life, you were bullied, but you smiled to make me think you were ok because of everything on my plate, and you didn’t tell me until you got away from those kids. I would have given up everything to have helped you through that, and I would have been there for you though everything, you just have to talk to me. Your my sweet gorgeous girl, and I love you so much my baby. I know your 14 now but I will always love you, even when your ADHD gets you in trouble in class, even when you go through rough times, even when your grades drop. No matter what, I will always love you, and I will always be there for you. You are my little miracle, and you are a light onto my life, and I will work every day of my life to help you find a solution and a coping mechanism for everything. Never forget that I’m your mother and I care, and never forget that no matter what I will love you!

  32. I would love to win this watch for my son who is 11. He is currently going through such a hard time and I can see he’s struggling but he’s trying so hard. He’s loving and bright but it all just gets taken over by the bad things. He really deserves it!!

  33. My Madders,
    I love that I am your mom! You have taught me to always smile! No matter what happens to just smile. You are such a sweet girl and so caring! You are very smart too. I love to see the things you accomplish. This last 18 months you have come so far and you have worked so hard. I am very proud of you! You can do so many things and whatever stands in your way just know that I am here to help! I will always be by your side. We will do this together!! I love you so much!!
    Always my girl
    Love mom

  34. J,
    ADHD is a part of you, but it is not all of you. It is the driving force behind your creativity, your grit, your perseverance, and your imagination. It has a large hand in your ability to choreograph award-winning routines, and while you often fail to see the positive things that come from your different brain, the people closest to you see how ADHD positively touches your life. Give yourself grace and know that you are more than a label, and you matter more than you know.

  35. To my amazing son. You will be 13 this summer and life is crazy. You are trying so hard to fit in and figure it who you are, who you should be and who you want to be. You want to be one of the cool kids and not be picked on and made fun of. It breaks my heart to hear you say you’re used to being made fun of and laughed at. It breaks my heart to see your carefree, joking and funny personality disappear as you try to sink into the backdrop and fade away. I wish you could see the person that I know is still deep inside. I wish you could see the kid with a passion for good and a heart that rivals any one I’ve ever met. You have a will and a determination that will, one day, make you a force to do the most amazing things. You are so smart and have the most amazing potential. Your dad and I want nothing but the best for you and wish you wouldn’t shy away from shining like we know you can. Instead of drawing attention to the awesome that you are, you are choosing to do the minimum, not excell and limit yourself and your potential. I wish you could have the confidence in yourself that we and so many others have in you. You try us more than we ever knew imaginable but no matter what we also love you more than we ever thought imaginable! Don’t lose sight of who you are deep inside and know how amazing you are. We love you very much!

  36. To my #1
    There are so many things I want to say to you, first of all how much I adore you. You are smart, funny, handsome, a spitfire. Your zest for life is contagious. I know your battle is hard. I know some days are long. But me and dad see you, we admire you. And we can’t wait to see where life takes you with dad and I being your biggest supporters!

  37. We are so proud of the boy you are becoming. Proud of your persistence, the way you love with your whole heart, the way you stand up for those around you. Those qualities will take you far in life. You are the the funniest little guy I know, and those that know you can’t help but fall in love with you too. Your Dad & I are so very lucky to call you ours.

  38. To my baby girl who is growing into such an amazing young lady and pushing through so many obstacles along the way. I see your frustration as you struggle with math problems that classmates breeze through. I see your face sink when you’ve forgotten to bring something home from school or the panic on your face when you realize you didn’t charge your iPad. But what i see MORE is all of the amazing things that make you YOU. Your intense empathy for others; it doesn’t matter if it’s the child in your class who felt left out because they weren’t invited to be part of a game or your friend’s mom who appears sad to you, though adults didn’t notice. You have such a special gift and show so many unique and creative acts of kindness towards others on a daily basis. YOU, my dear are making a dent in the world. Beyond that, your creativity amazes me every day with the way you can get an idea but then take that idea and actually make it happen – whether it’s a special gift for a family member or a solution to something around the house. My goal is that someday you’ll see yourself the way others see you – smart, empathetic, creative, strong, kind, beyond beautiful and an overall force of nature. xo Mommy

  39. Hey You Beautiful Boy,

    You are perfect the way you are and I promise if you learn to live by “thy own self be true” wonderful things will start to appear in your life because you are deserving of everything miraculous. Love is all that you are it can be no other way.

    Happy Valentines Dave

  40. For Lane, my love.
    Spending time with you makes every day exciting and full of laughter. Your spontaneous thoughts and quick wit are what make your sense of humor so delightful. Your spontaneous “refocusing” is a gift, not a deficit. You have a knack for all things that require a creative thought process, simply because you easily refocus. I am in awe of your many talents and I know you will be a creator of wonderful things. Most importantly, your ability to divert your attention and thoughts allows you to think outside the box, which so many neurotypicals struggle with. Keep going strong. You make me proud!!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day.


  41. Miranda, you are a smart young lady! You have a lot to give to the world around you! We are so proud of how much you have grown mentally and emotionally since your diagnosis just 6 months ago. You are advocating for yourself to us and to your teachers. You have found things that work for you to help you concentrate and focus. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for you as you navigate the rest of high school and as you decide what you would like to do after graduation. You are capable of so much and we are here to support you in whatever you decide to do. We love you!

  42. Dear Daughter,

    I love you, and everything about you! I know that sometimes you are overwhelmed by the difficulties that come with having ADHD, but we should try to focus more on the positives.
    With that in mind, here are some things that I think are wonderful, positive attributes that you possess. You are a creative girl. Your ability to take everyday items and create something unique and beautiful is a rate talent indeed! Your ability to sculpt lifelike objects with minimal training and tools is also astounding!
    You are one of the most empathetic persons I know. This trait helps you to be kind, understanding, patient, and helpful to everyone you meet! You would give the clothes off your back to help a complete stranger in need and the same for your family and friends.
    Your ability to hyperfocus on projects, crafts, and other school related work or projects makes completing these thing quicker and easier. It also makes it easy for you to block out distractions! You are fortunate to have this superpower!
    Your sense of humor and high energy is endearing and encouraging. Many who know you try to be like you because you are funny, fun, and caring!
    And finally, your ability to think creatively, solve problems with out of the box thinking, and being able to see things differently than most makes you a valuable member to any work or play group!
    With all the wonderful traits, you can be assured will succeed in life, you will find a path to follow that utilizes your unique talents and you will soar!
    I wish you happiness and joy in your life! You are amazing! I love you!

  43. Dear Younger Self,

    I am sending you this special Valentine filled with love because you deserve it and you have withheld it from yourself on so many occasions and thought you were not good enough. With your black and white thinking, you thought that people either excepted you or they didn’t and if they didn’t, it was because you were flawed; there was something wrong with you. After so many years of thinking this way while you were young it became rooted inside you and became part of your belief system about yourself and those around you. It seemed like every time you reached out, you encountered rejection until the hurt was too painful to endure and your heart hardened, and you settled for less than what you could be.
    What you didn’t know then was that when you grew up all the wonderful things that you were going to learn and develop inside of you that came from having to do things a little differently; from thinking a little differently; and seeing the world a little differently. Having ADHD growing up is one of the most difficult internships in life a person can have but if you just keep going, keep learning, and keep trying you will find the formula that works for you.

    I understand that at times while you were growing up you felt frustrated, angry, and sad. You even felt like giving up because all you could see was your mistakes and failures and wondered if you even had a purpose. That’s ok because all that means is that you were still questioning life. When you question something, it means that you are seeking and seeking is a wonderous state that enlightens our minds to the understanding that there is always another way to think and helps us navigate life’s problems.

    Today I am proud of you because when you fell you got back up. I am proud of you because you turned your frustration into determination. I proud of you because you turned failures into learning opportunities. I am proud of you because today we can love and except who we have become. I am proud of you because today I can be proud of myself.

    Happy Valentine’s Day

    With All My Love,


  44. Hey Self! You got this. This??? You know, life. Some of your children have ADHD like you and some don’t. Spending more time with some than others is ok. Try to spend some time on you this Valentine’s (or next) so you can be fully present for those teaching moments. Take the good ADHD attributes and don’t struggle so much with the bad. You got this!!!

  45. My sweet Megan,
    I LOVE how creative and inventive you are. Sometimes it is TOO much and you make my head spin (haha) but you can always be counted on for your out-of-the-box thinking. Your brain is amazing and your art is a representation of that. You have always been my crazy little Goober and I will always love you for that!


  46. Dear chunky monkey,

    You are a tough kid who has faced many challenges throughout the years. Despite the adversity you always have a smile on your face. You have the ability to light up a room and make people laugh. Keep it up and don’t let others get you down. You’re the one in control.

    Love you always,
    Mom & Mama

  47. Tay,
    I see the extra work you put in everyday and some days are harder than others. We are different from most of the world. We were given a gift. Embrace who you are and shine for the world to see and give them a new perspective on life, life on the edge and never knowing what’s next. I love you and I can’t wait to see all the things you will accomplish.

    Love, Mom

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