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Why Is My Wife So Nasty?

“I was folding laundry, and before I could finish the pile, my wife dropped more clean clothes on top. When I told her that I like to finish one pile before starting another, she said I was crazy. How can we avoid this?”

It’s important for those without ADHD to understand the differences of those with the disorder, and not to overreact to them. To be fair, some with ADHD also have challenges managing their anger. Unfiltered responses are harmful to relationships.

Perhaps your wife was trying to help you by bringing you more clothes to fold. However, her response was out of line. Such harsh words are unacceptable in a marriage, and bullying is always wrong.

The easy fix to the problem is for you to stop folding the laundry. The tougher fix is to have a conversation about what is bothering her. Does she need to know how your ADHD brain works? Why is she so angry?

Both of you may need to see a therapist to help you understand each other’s brain styles.