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When the School Resists Accommodation Requests

“My son’s doctor wrote his high school, requesting that his teachers give him class notes to help him study for tests,` one reader tells us. `The school refuses to do it, and he is failing several courses. What can I do?”

Crumpled sheets of paper
Crumpled sheets of paper

The law requires that the school district review the recommendations of your son’s doctor, but it is not bound to follow them. Request, in writing, that the school do a formal evaluation of your son, and review the results with the doctor who is making the recommendation. Provide documentation of your son’s diagnosis, showing how attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) impairs his ability to learn. The school is required to determine whether your son qualifies for services under IDEA, or for reasonable accommodations under the Rehabilitation Act.

If the school still refuses to grant your request for accommodations, request an impartial hearing by a state-appointed hearing officer, who will make a determination based upon your son’s needs. Consult a special-ed attorney before requesting the hearing.

Robert Tudisco is a lawyer who specializes in ADHD. He lives in White Plains, New York.

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