Positive Parenting

When the Labels Don’t Fit

Stepping back from the madness of diagnosis.

Purchase When the Labels Don’t Fit by Barbara Probst (Three Rivers Press; $13.95)

As an educator who works primarily with affective issues related to giftedness, I find that When the Labels Don’t Fit offers fresh insight, along with a cache of inspiration.

Probst declares, “We need to focus less on what a child has and more on who a child IS.” I appreciate the departure from rushing to see a child from a pathological viewpoint, without trying to understand who the child is and what his or her actions are telling us.

Probst’s book will empower parents and educators to use what they know about children to better understand their natures, which, in turn, will help us to be better parents and educators. Isn’t it about time we focused first on strengths and individuality, not on labels?