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“This is What Undiagnosed ADHD Feels Like”

ADHD in women is commonly misdiagnosed or ignored. This can lead to a lifetime of low self-esteem and shame. What does that feel like? Have a look and see if you can relate.

Living with an unrecognized condition can lead to years of self-doubt and challenges until a diagnosis shines a light on why everything has been so hard for so long.

In this video, ADDitude readers and experts share what it felt like living with undiagnosed adult attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD). Can you relate?

What if Feels Like to Live with Undiagnosed ADHD

“You’re told you’re lazy, not trying hard enough, and not living up to your potential.” – Sarah C.

“I believed I should be able to manage the household and take care of the kids. But I couldn’t, and I felt ashamed.” – Terry Matlen

“I never expected to be taken seriously. I was always afraid everyone was sniggering behind my back.” –Zoë Kessler

“I have never been able to save enough money. I would spend impulsively, and pay my bills whenever I could remember.” – Cindy H.

“Motherhood was my undoing. I couldn’t ‘wing it’ any longer.” – Jodi H.

“I’ve spent my life wondering, ‘Why aren’t the pieces fitting together?’ I’m always lost in conversations, and can’t follow things – like directions – in a sequence.” – Debbie Young

“My classes were so overwhelming, I stared at the classroom doorknob, wanting to run away.” – Joanne Griffin

“It took every ounce of strength to live my life.” – Donna Surgenor Reames

“My diagnosis was my ‘Rosetta Stone.’ All the stumbles I had never understood suddenly made sense.” – Sally Harris