IEPs & 504 Plans

What Does It Take to Get Services?

“My eight-year-old son was diagnosed with ADHD, but I was told that the diagnosis isn’t enough to get him services. Is the school stalling?”

A diagnosis of ADHD, or any other disability, does not, in and of itself, guarantee services. The standard under the law is that the disability “substantially impairs a major life activity.” There are some students with ADHD who don’t need services. Furthermore, the diagnosis alone does not indicate which support, services, or accommodations are necessary.

Request, in writing, a neuropsychological and educational evaluation of your son from the school, or consider having it done on your own. A thorough evaluation, complete with test results, is important because the tests will focus on the specific challenges that your son faces. I always say that a good evaluation should be a blueprint for an IEP or 504 Plan. It also gives you credibility in asking for services, because it is based on evidence indicating your son needs help.

Updated on March 28, 2017

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