IEPs & 504 Plans

What Does It Take to Get Services?

“My eight-year-old son was diagnosed with ADHD, but I was told that the diagnosis isn’t enough to get him services. Is the school stalling?”

A diagnosis of ADHD, or any other disability, does not, in and of itself, guarantee services. The standard under the law is that the disability “substantially impairs a major life activity.” There are some students with ADHD who don’t need services. Furthermore, the diagnosis alone does not indicate which support, services, or accommodations are necessary.

Request, in writing, a neuropsychological and educational evaluation of your son from the school, or consider having it done on your own. A thorough evaluation, complete with test results, is important because the tests will focus on the specific challenges that your son faces. I always say that a good evaluation should be a blueprint for an IEP or 504 Plan. It also gives you credibility in asking for services, because it is based on evidence indicating your son needs help.