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Free Webinar Replay: What Is ADHD? Everything You Need to Know Before and After an ADHD Diagnosis

In this hour-long webinar-on-demand, learn everything you need to know before and after an ADHD diagnosis with William Dodson, M.D.


Part 1 of ADDitude’s 3-part ADHD Awareness Month Webinar Series

Every day 3,000 people of all ages and from all over the world are diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or ADD), and they take yet another step in the lifelong process of coming to know and manage their special type of nervous system. This process rarely follows a straight line. For every patient, it begins at different times and moves at different speeds along different paths — its efficiency and helpfulness largely determined by how well the patient understands the answer to this question: What is ADHD?

Knowing the facts about ADHD — how symptoms present in children, how symptoms present in adults, and the best treatment approaches for each — is key to managing the condition. Knowledge is considered the bedrock of a good treatment plan.

Educating yourself and your family about ADHD is tougher than you may think. Most physicians receive little training in ADHD during medical school. Often, they do an inadequate job of explaining what ADHD is, how to treat it, and how to live successfully with it. This webinar will fill in those holes — and get you off to a great start in understanding ADHD and how best to manage the condition in children and adults.

In this webinar you will learn about

  • The positives and negatives of having an ADHD nervous system
  • The key elements of a good, thorough ADHD evaluation
  • The formal diagnostic criteria for ADHD — and what ADHD looks like at different stages of the life cycle
  • Signs that indicate a person may have ADHD
  • How to find a competent and willing clinician to help make the diagnosis and start a treatment plan
  • How co-existing conditions complicate the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD

Webinar replays include:

  • Slides accompanying the webinar
  • Related resources from ADDitude
  • Free newsletter updates about ADHD
  • An opportunity to receive a certificate of attendance

Certificate of Attendance
Attendees who successfully complete a survey after watching this webinar will be eligible to receive a one hour certificate of attendance. ADDitude does not offer CEU credits.

This ADHD Experts webinar was first broadcast live on September 30, 2019.

Meet the Expert Speaker:

Dr. William W. Dodson is a board-certified adult psychiatrist who has specialized in adults with ADHD for the last 25 years. He was named a Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association in recognition of his clinical contributions to the field of ADHD (2012).  He was recipient of the Maxwell Schleifer Award for Distinguished Service to Persons with Disabilities (2006). Dr. Dodson has a consultative practice in Greenwood Village, Colorado, and is a member of ADDitude’s ADHD Medical Review Panel.

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