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Free Webinar Replay: Social Emotional Learning for Children with ADHD in Quarantine

In this hour long webinar on demand, learn how to strengthen your child’s social skills during quarantine, with Caroline Maguire, M.Ed., PCC.

Social distancing has isolated and stressed all of us, but it has caused children with ADHD to lose valuable opportunities to practice their social skills, and make and keep friends. Many school administrators and teachers are hard at work implementing programs to address Social Emotional Learning (SEL) during distance learning, but parents can also do many things at home to strengthen their kids’ social skills, which leads to not only emotional well-being but also better academic performance.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to support a child who doesn’t do well making or keeping friends, or who has high social anxiety
  • How to develop social, emotion, behavioral skills for a healthier, happier social life
  • Strategies to help children feel and show empathy and establish and maintain positive relationships
  • Caregiver strategies to help children be socially and emotionally competent

Webinar replays include:

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  • An opportunity to receive a certificate of attendance
  • Closed captions

This ADHD Experts webinar was first broadcast live on September 16, 2020.

Meet the Expert Speaker:

Caroline Maguire, M.Ed., ACCG, PCC founded and facilitates a comprehensive SEL training methodology (#ConnectionMatters) for adults, parents, clinicians and academic professionals on how to develop critical social, emotional and behavioral skills, in themselves and in others. Caroline’s book Why Will No One Play With Me?  is a playbook that includes foolproof scripts on how to communicate – with anyone, in any situation – and how to ensure the message registers with the recipient – no small task! Through her private practice, publications, lectures and workshops, her mission is to vanquish the devastating effects of feeling different and misunderstood. Please join her on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium, Pinterest and download her free video How to Tell a Tighter Story

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