“Raising Socially Smart Tweens & Teens” with ADHD Dude Ryan Wexelblatt [Video Replay and Podcast #390]

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Episode Description

When kids with ADHD struggle socially, people often assume they are “missing social cues.” In truth, many kids and adolescents struggle due to lagging social executive function skills.

Social executive function skills power the “operating system” of social interactions. Thus, if your child struggles socially, we can be relatively sure they have lagging social executive function skills. This webinar will provide you with an understanding of the social executive function skills that cause the most trouble for kids with ADHD, why parents have the most important role in helping their child to improve social executive function skills, and what works and does not work to help build these skills.

In this webinar, you will learn the following:

  • How to recognize lagging social executive function skills in your child
  • How to differentiate social anxiety from lagging social executive function skills
  • What exercises and activities bolster social EFs in children and teens with ADHD
  • What hurts, rather than helps, kids’ social skills
  • How to guide without helicoptering as your child focuses on social EFs

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Meet the Expert Speaker

Ryan Wexelblatt, LCSW, is the director of ADHD Dude, based in Ventnor, New Jersey. Ryan has been learning and refining his approach to teaching social skills to kids with ADHD for more than 10 years. He creates videos for parents and kids at the ADHD Dude YouTube channel.

Listener Testimonials

“We just ‘discovered’ Ryan and found his approach to be what was missing in our understanding of ADHD and our parenting strategies. This was really well done.”

“Excellent perspective and details from this speaker.”

“I was truly helped by the webinar. It confirmed some things that my husband and I are doing right with our 16-year-old son, and some opportunities for us to do some things better.”

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