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Live Webinar on August 9: Relieving Back-to-School Anxiety: Strategies for Caregivers and Educators of Anxious Students

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Many children look forward to the new school year. They’re excited to meet their teacher, see their classmates, and learn about planned activities and adventures. For students with anxiety and other related comorbidities, new people, new routines, and maybe even a new school elicit excessive worry and fear.

Younger children may not be able to verbalize their feelings. Older children may worry about peer acceptance, test taking, and academic grades. Here, learning and behavior expert Beverley Holden Johns will explain how these anxieties may lead to certain behaviors that interfere with learning, growth, and happiness — if left unchecked.

In this webinar, parents and educators will learn:

  • Practical strategies to use before the school year begins to help make the transition a smooth one
  • How to identify some of the characteristics of a student’s anxiety disorder and how to address each of those, such as executive functioning, auditory processing, emotional regulation, and cognitive flexibility.
  • Schoolwork-related strategies that can be used in the classroom and reinforced at home
  • How to build and foster a parent-teacher team approach to implement those strategies


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Meet the Expert Speaker

Beverley Holden Johns spent her career working with students who had significant emotional and behavioral challenges. She was a Professional Fellow at MacMurray College and a recipient of the 2000 Outstanding Leadership Award from the Council for Exceptional Children. She is the author of more than 20 books in the area of special education and is the lead author of the book: Working with Students Who Have Anxiety: Creative Connections and Practical Strategies (#CommissionsEarned). She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Learning Disabilities Association of America as the secretary and is the President of LDA of Illinois.

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