“Perfectionism and ADHD: Making ‘Good Enough’ Work for You” [Video Replay & Podcast #385]

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Episode Description

Do you set unrealistic goals and worry about disappointing others? Are your personal expectations based on “shoulds” instead of your known strengths and interests? Does this result in shame and low self-esteem?

These behaviors point to a cycle of perfectionism, an unhealthy insistence on personal flawlessness that increases anxiety and holds you back from the natural process of learning that’s part of daily living. Perfectionism is common among teens and adults with ADHD who struggle with wanting something to be right so much that it becomes difficult to start (and complete) tasks, assignments, and projects. Though perfectionism can be motivating, it can also keep you overfocused on the end result and not the process of getting there.

In this webinar, Dr. Sharon Saline will explain how to stop setting unreasonable standards, engaging in negative comparisons to others, and criticizing yourself for living with ADHD. You will learn how to understand and manage the root causes of perfectionism, examine the role of imposter syndrome, decrease negative self-talk, and increase your capacity for personal compassion. You will understand how to improve executive functioning skills related to procrastination and productivity, stop reflexive shame, and create techniques for managing stress. With these resources, you’ll begin to nurture the essential resilience of a growth mindset and accept yourself as you truly are — perfectly imperfect.

In this free, hour-long webinar you will learn how to:

  • Understand the relationship between anxiety, perfectionism, and ADHD
  • Improve executive functioning skills related to procrastination and productivity
  • Set realistic expectations based on previous successful experiences
  • Develop techniques for addressing imposter syndrome, fear of failure, and shame
  • Increase the capacity for mindful self-compassion and self-acceptance

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Meet the Expert Speaker:

Sharon Saline, Psy.D., clinical psychologist and author of the award-winning book, What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew: Working Together to Empower Kids for Success in School and Life (#CommissionsEarned) and The ADHD Solution Deck (#CommissionsEarned) specializes in working with children, teens, emerging adults and families living with ADHD, anxiety, learning disabilities, high-functioning autism, twice exceptionality and mental health issues. | See expert’s full bio »

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Listener Testimonials

“Just a heartfelt thank you for providing such high quality presentations. Today’s was not only informative, but therapeutic as well, filled with empathy and validation. For those of us who have little, no, or inadequate support, this is like a lifeline.”

“Dr. Saline, your webinar on perfectionism & ADHD was beyond EXCELLENT. In addition to your slides, the conversation around the slides was extremely detailed and the examples used were highly relatable.”

“I thought Dr. Saline made a plethora of noteworthy points, and presented them really well and with clarity. I appreciate the time & effort that she committed to relaying this valuable information.”

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