“6 Principles for Raising a Child with ADHD” [Video Replay & Podcast #345]

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Episode Description

There is nothing more rewarding ­– or challenging ­– than raising a child diagnosed with ADHD. Research shows that a parent who provides unconditional support, who is always in their child’s corner, can help their child grow into a well-balanced child, behaviorally and emotionally.

But how does a parent achieve that in the face of daily meltdowns and academic and organization challenges? Dr. Russell Barkley shares important principles — culled from the latest research and 40 years of working with thousands of families — that parents can use to raise a happy, confident child with ADHD. The webinar is based on Russell Barkley’s new book, 12 Principles for Raising a Child with ADHD (2021, Guilford Publications).

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The keys to successfully parenting a child with ADHD
  • How to use rewards and touch to encourage desired behavior
  • How to become more mindful of your child and your interactions with her
  • How to lovingly shepherd your child through life’s challenges

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Meet the Expert Speaker

Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D., is a clinical professor of psychiatry at the Virginia Treatment Center for Children and Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, Richmond, Virginia. Dr. Barkley is a clinical scientist, educator, and practitioner who has published 23 books, rating scales, and clinical manuals numbering 41 editions.  He has also published more than 270 scientific articles and book chapters related to the nature, assessment, and treatment of ADHD and related disorders. He is the founder and editor of the bimonthly clinical newsletter, The ADHD Report. His websites are www.russellbarkley.org and ADHDLectures.com.| See expert’s full bio »

Listener Testimonials

“I really valued Dr. Barkley’s emphasis on acceptance and forgiveness.  Just those concepts alone were very powerful, but along with the practical steps for addressing the frustrations due to lack of executive functioning, this truly was one of the best webinars I’ve ever seen.”

“Amazing Talk. Dr. Barkley was engaging, kind and enriched our family’s life in such a short time. Thank you!”

“I felt seen and appreciated.  Parenting a child with ADHD can be so lonely, especially when schools do not have a good understanding of ADHD.”

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