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Live Webinar on August 10: Caregivers with ADHD: How to Help Your Children Thrive While Meeting Your Own Challenges

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The joys and challenges of parenting vary by family, but one truth is constant: Life never slows down or get easier when you’re busy raising children. For caregivers who struggle with symptoms of ADHD, the magnitude of family responsibilities awaiting organization and prioritization is overwhelming. And while getting all of this done, parents must also keep their emotions in check around their children, a tough job for any caregiver. In order to vault these hurdles, it’s important that caregivers with ADHD take the time to support themselves and develop strategies to address the most significant areas where ADHD symptoms affect parenting challenges.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How ADHD symptoms affect the daily rhythm of parenting
  • How to manage the overlap of caregiver ADHD symptoms with a child’s developmental stage
  • Techniques to ensure a mindful approach to caregiving
  • Suggestions for adapting adult ADHD interventions to the challenges that parents face


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Meet the Expert Speaker:             

Dave Anderson, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and the Vice President of School and Community Programs at the Child Mind Institute. Dr. Anderson was formerly the Senior Director of the Child Mind Institute’s ADHD and Behavior Disorders Center, and he specializes in evaluating and treating children and adolescents with ADHD, behavior, anxiety, and mood disorders. Child Mind Institute school-based programs directed by Dr. Anderson have provided clinical interventions, social-emotional skill building, professional development, and workshops for more than 53,000 students, educators, and parents. Dr. Anderson frequently lectures and leads workshops on a variety of topics for parents, educators, and policymakers. Dr. Anderson received his bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College and his doctorate in clinical psychology from Columbia University.

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