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Live Webinar on November 18: Menopause and ADHD: How Estrogen Changes Impact Dopamine, Cognition, and Women’s Health

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“Now what did I come here for? I can’t remember.” This is a proverbial complaint among women living through perimenopause and menopause. This complaint reflects the prevalent occurrence of memory and other cognitive problems, as well as struggles with mood regulation, during menopause.

Many women, ADHD or not, complain about increased difficulties with attention, organization and planning, memory, sleep, and mood during menopause. As yet, no clear links have been established between ADHD and mental changes during menopause. However, estrogen plays a pivotal role in regulation of many neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, which are also central to ADHD symptom expression. Logically, it stands to reason that loss of estrogen would influence the ADHD brain.

This webinar discusses estrogen loss during middle age, how it impacts cognition, and how it may either worsen or even “create” ADHD. We also will consider lessening the impact of these changes by using practical strategies and interventions such as pharmacotherapy, psycho-education, and CBT targeted to improve executive functioning.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • The role of estrogen in cognition
  • Cognitive changes during menopause
  • The impact of menopause on ADHD or the development of “pseudo-ADHD”
  • Practical management techniques to help women with ADHD meet the challenges of menopause


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Meet the Expert Speaker:

Jeanette Wasserstein, Ph.D., is a clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, New York. She is a board-certified clinical neuropsychologist who has spent the last 20 years specializing in the diagnosis, research, and treatment of adults with ADHD. She also focuses on educating those who treat or live with the condition. She has published numerous articles and book chapters regarding the nature of ADHD and associated comorbidities, as well as its assessment and treatment. You can reach her at her website CNSsupport.com or via email, jeanette.wasserstein@gmail.com.

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