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“An Adult’s Guide to Fostering Friendships with ADHD” [Video Replay & Podcast #478]

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Episode Description

Healthy friendships help people feel supported, provide a sense of belonging, and stave off loneliness. But for many neurodivergent adults, making and keeping friends is a lifelong challenge. They might overshare, struggle to fully listen, and experience social anxiety, all of which can lead to feelings of rejection. To try and avoid these feelings, many adults adopt people-pleasing behaviors or wall themselves off from others.

In this webinar, Caroline Maguire, M.Ed., will explain strategies to help adults with ADHD and co-existing conditions feel empowered, raise their levels of confidence, and understand the friendship strengths they have to offer. Learning how to stand up for yourself, set healthy boundaries, and speak from the heart are important skills in developing and maintaining friendships that are valued and healthy.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why neurodivergent adults often have a history of relationship struggles
  • Why adults adopt people-pleasing behaviors and the consequences of these in friendships
  • What healthy friendships look like and how to develop them
  • How to identify when friendships aren’t healthy or equal
  • How to be more authentic in your friendships

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Meet the Expert Speaker

Caroline Maguire, M.Ed, ACCG, PCC, earned a master’s degree at Lesley University with a specialization in social emotional learning (SEL). She is the author of the award-winning book, Why Will No One Play with Me? written to coach emotional regulation, social and self-awareness, and responsible decision-making skills. She founded The Fundamentals of ADHD Coaching for Families training program at the ADD Coach Academy which is accredited by ICF. Visit her website, CarolineMaguireAuthor.com, follow her @AuthorCarolineM and download her free video, How to Tell a Tighter Story.

Listener Testimonials

“This webinar was incredibly helpful, and I love how both relatable and insightful Caroline Maguire was.”

“Thank you for putting normalcy around this!”

“Wow, I learned so much about myself. This webinar brought to light some of the barriers I face that I didn’t even know were connected to ADHD! Thank you!”

“Loved this! I really needed to hear about the topic of friendship. I just turned 60 and have never been diagnosed but know without a doubt. I appreciate the speaker’s honesty and knowledge.”

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