“Rev Up Your Child’s Executive Functions for a Successful School Year” [Video Replay & Podcast #318]

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Episode Description

After a long summer of relaxed schedules, unstructured time, and no homework, the transition back to school is rarely smooth — especially for children with ADHD and especially in a year riddled with uncertainty and concern. You and your child may be riding an emotional roller coaster straight into the fall, which impacts executive functions among other critical learning functions.

In this hour-long webinar, learn practical ways to get your child’s brain back in “school mode” so they are ready for a successful school year, no matter how that looks. If you have tried teaching executive functioning strategies that never seem to “stick,” there is good news: This webinar will offer evidence-based approaches to reboot your child’s brain to listen, pay attention, and follow through at school.

Listen and learn from Rebecca Branstetter, Ph.D., and Elizabeth A. Sautter, M.A., CCC, about:

  • How to “turn on” your child’s brain for listening, focus, and paying attention
  • How to “Zone the Home” for a smooth transition back to school
  • Simple mindfulness strategies to boost EF
  • Effective approaches to increase follow-through when you ask your child to do schoolwork

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Meet the Expert Speakers

Rebecca Branstetter, Ph.D., is a school psychologist, author, and expert in the area of child development and education. She has published several books for parents and professionals on supporting struggling students, particularly those with attention and executive functioning challenges. Her insights have been published in a variety of media outlets, such as Huffington Post, Greater Good Science Center, CNN Health, Education.com, and National Public Radio.  She is co-founder of the Make It Stick Parenting Course. | See expert’s full bio »

Elizabeth A. Sautter, M.A., CCC, is a licensed speech and language pathologist, blogger, author, presenter, and founder of Make Social Learning Stick and co-founder of Communication Works, a private practice providing speech and language services to school districts in the San Francisco Bay Area. She specializes in social, emotional, and executive functioning intervention and consulting. | See expert’s full bio »

Listener Testimonials

  • “I thoroughly enjoyed this webinar and look forward to re-watching it and sharing it and the strategies with my clients.”
  • “What was so good about this was how it incorporated the fact that kids with AHD likely have parents with ADHD, and made its advice very focused, digestible, and DOABLE. I feel really empowered listening to them.”
  • “Incredible webinar with so much great, actionable recommendations. Thank you!!”
  • “Both Rebecca and Elizabeth were very knowledgeable and their advice was clear, practical, and relevant to all parents in today’s world.”

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