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Live Webinar on February 3: ISO ADHD Specialists: How to Find the Best Professional to Diagnose and Treat Your Symptoms

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The top two reasons why people stop taking their ADHD medication:

  • they don’t feel listened to by their doctor
  • they disagree over the best way to treat the condition

Finding a qualified professional to diagnose and manage symptoms of ADHD is a complex — and vitally important — process. Who is qualified to diagnose the condition? Who can prescribe ADHD medication? Who can’t? Getting answers is tough. Forging a productive relationship with a qualified professional who “gets” ADHD maybe even tougher.

You may never find the “perfect” fit with a diagnostician or prescriber, but there are strategies you can follow for working productively with your chosen professional. In this webinar, Laurie Dupar, trained Psychiatric Mental Health Practitioner and founder of the International ADHD Coach Training Center, will share her plan for weeding out and working with professionals to ensure effective treatment of ADHD.

You will learn to:

  • Search for and find the right professional to diagnose ADHD
  • Determine if your practitioner is a qualified ADHD expert
  • Discern who can prescribe medications for ADHD
  • Identify professionals who are qualified to coach or provide therapy for ADHD
  • Work effectively with a practitioner through telemedicine


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Meet the Expert Speaker:

Laurie Dupar is a trained Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) with more than 20 years of experience as a credentialed ADHD Life Coach™. In 2015 she founded the International ADHD Coach Training Center (iACTcenter.com), an International Coaching Federation-approved coach training program. Using live virtual training technology, her students worldwide benefit from her unparalleled expertise in the neuroscience and behavior management of ADHD.

Laurie’s goal of increasing awareness of ADHD and to reduce its stigma led her to create the #1 Amazon bestseller series, the ADHD Awareness Book Project, whose titles include 365 Ways to Succeed with ADHD (#CommissionsEarned), Inspirational Ways to Succeed with ADHD (#CommissionsEarned), and Wacky Ways to Succeed with ADHD(#CommissionsEarned). She is a sought-after speaker and presenter on topics of ADHD, coaching, and entrepreneurship.

To find out if you have what it takes to be a Certified ADHD Life Coach (CALC), take the online assessment, Do You Have What It Takes to Be an ADHD Life Coach? now at www.iactcenter.com. Or download her complimentary eBook, Brain Surfing and 31 Other Awesome Qualities of ADHD, here.

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