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“For Clinicians: Common Treatment Barriers for Patients with Depression, Trauma” [Video Replay & Podcast #471]

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Episode Description

Primary care providers and mental health clinicians face unique challenges when engaging and treating patients with depression. This webinar will focus on methods for improving communication, engagement, and outcomes with these patients and their families.

After a brief review of best practices for identifying depression in patients, we will discuss how to build trust and enlist patients and their families as partners in their treatment.

In this webinar, clinicians will learn about:

  • Common barriers to successful communication with patients with depression and their families
  • Tips for empathic and effective communication with patients and their families
  • Advice for facilitating shared decision-making in the treatment process

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More on Depression & Treatment Barriers

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Meet the Expert Speaker

After completing his Psychiatry residency training, Dr. Lawrence Amsel completed research fellowships at Columbia University in Mental Health Statistics and in Child Psychiatry Research. He also joined the faculty of Columbia University in 1992 as a clinical and research psychiatrist, where he worked on suicide risk factors. After 9/11, Dr. Amsel joined the Trauma Studies and Services (TSS) Division at the New York Psychiatric Institute, as the Co-Director for Dissemination. Later he joined the Global Psychiatric Epidemiology Group (GPEG) at Columbia studying the effects of childhood stress on child and adolescent mental health.

Dr. Amsel’s experience led him to work with the REACH Institute where he helped develop a training program for Primary Care Physicians (PCP) on how to integrate mental health into primary care practice. He also co-developed the REACH communications course with Marjorie Heyman, Ph.D. Dr. Amsel has continued to be actively involved in REACH training for more than a decade. Learn more about Dr. Amsel here.

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