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“The College Application Guide for Neurodivergent Students” [Video Replay & Podcast #469]

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Episode Description

The college application process is rife with anxiety and stress. After all, college decisions often have important and lasting repercussions for a student’s future. And for neurodivergent applicants with executive functioning challenges like procrastination, planning, and organization, the college application process can feel even more daunting.

To ensure a smooth experience, it’s key for students to break down tasks, manage time effectively, and stay focused throughout the application process. Easier said than done!

In this webinar, caregivers and college-bound students will learn:

  • When the application process should ideally begin to ensure a less stressful experience
  • How to conduct a college search that considers neurodiversity factors, including support services, campus accommodations, and inclusive communities
  • About effective techniques for creating an organized system to keep track of applications, deadlines, and required documents
  • About practical tools to help both students and parents stay on top of the application timeline
  • How to help your child articulate their unique experiences, strengths, and aspirations in a college essay
  • Appropriate ways caregivers can support their neurodivergent children during the application process while fostering independence

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Meet the Expert Speaker

Laura Barr is an experienced college consultant who has propelled the educational journey of thousands of students from cradle to college. She works with students and their families to set goals and outcomes, empowering individuals to take ownership of their college search process and life choices. The benefits of this process extend far beyond school selection, as they help students develop confidence, perseverance, and a sense of accountability while bolstering communication and understanding between parents and children.

Laura’s expertise stems from decades of experience as an educator, administrator, writer, and instructional coach. She possesses a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, a Certified Education Planner (C.E.P.) credential, and a Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction – Student-Centered Coaching. She has launched four fiercely independent children of her own and believes in the transformative influence of education and the power of our youth to uphold democracy. As such, she continues to leverage her knowledge and resources to drive equitable educational opportunities for all.

Listener Testimonials

“This was truly excellent. I’m a parent of a junior in high school, early in the process. This was everything I needed to hear, and I feel much more encouraged about the process now. Onward!”

“She was fantastic! Thank you for giving hope and confidence!”

“I loved all the practical advice and that it was coming from a parent who was candid about the real-world challenges. She was terrific. Great content. Thank you.”

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Landmark College was the first institution of higher education to exclusively serve students who learn differently, including students with learning disabilities (such as dyslexia), ADHD, autism, or executive function challenges. The College offers associate and bachelor’s degrees as well as short-term programs on its Putney, Vermont campus along with a growing selection of online programs. Learn more at www.landmark.edu.

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