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Free Webinar Replay: How to Create Systems and Structures for Children and Teens with ADHD, ODD, and Anxiety

In this hour-long webinar-on-demand, learn how to take the “coach approach” to help complex kids get things done with Elaine Taylor-Klaus, PCC, CPCC, and Diane Dempster.

If you’ve tried to use reward systems, start a planner habit, or otherwise create a consistently structured environment for a child with ADHD, ODD or anxiety, then you know it never works in real life like it does in the books. You want to get things organized in your home — to make family and school life run more smoothly — but consistency is fleeting, if it sticks at all. You put reminders in place with only the best intentions, but they rarely work as you planned. And, wow, that’s frustrating.

Systems and structures only succeed when you focus on the change you’re trying to achieve, and you can learn to do that with a “coach approach” to problem solving. Here, learn how to get things done — without shouldering every responsibility yourself.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. Two essential components to consider when creating any organization system
  2. Key reasons for using systems and different kinds to consider
  3. 8 ways to create systems that are effective
  4. The role of rebellion, and how it interferes with your success
  5. How to stop focusing on the system and start focusing on the desired outcome
  6. The role of motivation
  7. The four phases of “Letting Go” when parenting complex kids

Webinar replays include:

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  • Related resources from ADDitude
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This ADHD Experts webinar was first broadcast live on July 11, 2018.

Meet the Expert Speakers:

Elaine Taylor-Klaus, PCC, CPCC, is the co-founder of ImpactADHD®.com and editor of its award-winning blog. Helping parents across the globe stay sane while raising complex children as a writer, parent educator and parenting coach, Elaine is the co-author of Parenting ADHD Now! Easy Intervention Strategies to Empower Kids with ADHD, and the co-creator of the behavior management program, “The Sanity School Course for Parents.”

Diane Dempster is a certified professional coach, speaker, educator, and co-founder of the award-winning resource for parents, ImpactADHD.com. With a Masters from the University of Michigan and coach certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), Diane is the co-author of Parenting ADHD Now! Easy Intervention Strategies to Empower Kids with ADHD, and the co-creator of the behavior management program, “The Sanity School Course for Parents.”

3 Comments & Reviews

  1. Part of the problem in my household is that I am a parent with ADHD and have poor organizational and executive function skills, myself. If you have any tips to help me overcome that so I can model the behaviors I hope to help my children develop, I would really appreciate it.

  2. Hi,

    My 21 year old son who has severe ADD lives with me. Will this webinar still be helpful? We need structure, a schedule and motivation to get things done.

  3. I would love to know how I could get my teenage son with ADHD and anxiety to be motivated enough about school to even contemplate being better organized. His survival strategy is to avoid planning, thinking or talking about school work (because it stresses him out so much) and actively choosing not to study or prepare for assessment tasks. It is exasperating!

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