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Free Webinar Replay: Good for Business: How ADHD Can Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Potential

In this hour-long webinar-on-demand, learn how entreprenuership and ADHD go hand-in-hand with Ken “Bucky” Buckman.

Many of the world’s top entrepreneurs have ADHD. Countless CEOs and business executives leading their companies to innovation and growth are likewise living with attention deficit. And that is not a coincidence.

What is it about the ADHD brain that aligns so perfectly with entrepreneurship? How is it that some leaders leverage their ADHD traits into business advantages? As it turns out, what you mistook for “symptoms” just might be your greatest strengths.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. Why many with ADHD have a leg up on neurotypical business leaders
  2. How individuals with ADHD thrive in a business atmosphere of controlled chaos
  3. Why people with ADHD are skilled at risk management
  4. The natural tendency for many with ADHD to lead boldly
  5. Why serial entrepreneurs so often have ADHD
  6. The natural inclination of those with ADHD to tap into the community and work with charities

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*Please note that access to this webinar replay will remain free until May 7, 2018. After that, you will find it in the ADDitude Store in our library of expert on-demand webinars!

This ADHD Experts webinar was first broadcast live on November 7, 2017.

Meet the Expert Speaker:

Ken “Bucky” Buckman is the founder and CEO of TradeTec, a full-service exhibit, event, and environments studio committed to offering innovative products at all budget levels to thousands of clients. Ken is also the founder and CEO of Rainy Investments, a residential, commercial, and land real-estate investment company with over a $40 million portfolio. Recently, he founded Rainy Solar Investments to leverage utility scale commercial solar development in Illinois. TradeTec is a three-time winner of INC 5000 fastest growing companies in America as well as a 2 time (2016 and 2017)  winner of Best Places To Work In IL. Ken is involved on several nonprofit boards, including Board Chairman of a multi-million dollar Pediatric Cancer charity (www.calsangels.org )  Children’s Prevention theatre (www.redifoundation.org), and powerful mentoring CEO peer group Board (Vistage) for 12 years.

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4 Comments & Reviews

  1. How can I help my 15 year old son who wants to start his own business stay focused when he perceives a roadblock to his success? He’s had some really good ideas that could possibly work out for him, but when they fail to materialize right away he loses interest. How can he/we find a good mentor that can help him work with the skills ADHD gives him, as well as it’s deficits?

  2. I have primarily inattentive presentation. I have less energy, think slower, and am more risk-averse than most non-ADHDers. Usually when I hear about ADHD and entrepreneurship, they are talking about all the hyperactivity and impulsivity traits I completely lack, and it all sounds totally alien to who I am. What do I bring to the table as a hyper-cautious, easily exhausted, totally disorganized mega procrastinator with the occasional BRILLIANT, CREATIVE IDEA that I forget in about 10 seconds?

  3. I came to the comments in order to ask about the inactive presentation, for that is me. Glad to see that someone else has already commented. It would be really great to see another webinar like this– what kind of careers do ADHDers excel at– but for the inactive presentation.

  4. Thank you very much for this WONDERFUL Webinar. Truly enjoyed it. This is the type of information I need to be listening to at this time in my life as I am at a point of whether to stay in the job I am in (been there for almost 22 years) that I got into so I could be at home to raise my kids. I am, however feeling I really need to be considering making a change but have a lot of fear. I took my notes and will download slides and keep in mind all the positive thoughts Bucky talked about! I truly get overwhelmed by all the wonderful people out there in the ADHD world who take their time and talents and share their stories!

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