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Free Webinar Replay: Back-to-School Starts Now: Your Plan for Academic, Behavioral & Organizational Success

In this hour-long webinar-on-demand, learn the best back to school tips for ADHD students with Chris A. Zeigler Dendy, M.S.

If your child struggled in school last year, you may feel equal parts anxious and determined about beginning a new grade with new challenges and new teachers. You want to do everything in your power to set up your student for success. But what does that look like, exactly? Having lived (and overcome) this challenge with her son over 12 academic years, Chris Dendy — a former teacher and the author of several top books on teens and ADHD — has devised a back-to-school game plan full of insightful advice and lessons learned.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  1. Create a unique back-to-school plan to meet your child’s specific needs
  2. Understand ADHD’s manifestations in the classroom, and find ways to address it
  3. Educate yourself, your child, and the teacher about ADHD
  4. Identify how key intervention points — late spring, before school, and after school — can improve your child’s chances of success
  5. Establish routines at home that will maximize your child’s chances of school success
  6. Write a brief positive introductory letter about your child that help a new teacher appreciate his or her abilities and personality

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This ADHD Experts webinar was first broadcast live on July 25, 2018.

Meet the Expert Speaker:

Chris A. Zeigler Dendy, M.S., is a former educator, school psychologist, and mental health counselor and administrator with over 40 years experience.

Her popular books, many created in collaboration with her son Alex Zeigler, include Teenagers with ADD, ADHD, & Executive Function Deficits, 3rd Ed (120,000+ sold); Teaching Teens with ADD, ADHD, & Executive Function Deficits, 2nd Ed; A Bird’s-Eye View of Life with ADHD & Executive Function Deficit…a 10 years later update. 3rd Ed.; Successfully Launching ADHD Youth into Adulthood, coauthored with Ruth Hughes, Ph.D., which will be published in late 2019. Her videos, also created in collaboration with her son Alex, include Real Life ADHD! The Real Experts on ADHD! and Father to Father: Expert Advice on ADHD! Dendy’s iconic ADHD Iceberg Poster conveys the complexities of ADHD at a simple glance.

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3 Comments & Reviews

  1. Can you explain default mode and how it makes it difficult for people to make decisions and to function? If you can, please explain the difference between default mode for ADHD and depression.


  2. MS. Dendy,

    One of our biggest struggles with the teachers and public school system is that our daughter tests high. So when she struggles to turn in work, the teachers assume she is just being lazy. Also, they discount her need for help since she tests into honors classes. Their exact words “if she’s in Honors class she doesn’t need extra help”. Her freshman year (this last year) it took till 4th quarter and going from Honors Algebra 3/4 back down to Algebra 2 by Term 4 and 3 teachers later that she got a Teacher who actually cared and helped her instead of ignoring the fact that she was struggling. Do you have any suggestions? We have been battling this since 7th grade. I naively thought high school would be better, unfortunately it is worse. Thank you!

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