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Free Webinar Replay: Teaching Students with ADHD

Jerome J. Schultz, Ph.D. explains how teachers can create effective learning environments for students with ADHD.

The teachers who invest, believe, and trust in our children deserve our unending thanks and admiration. They truly are miracle workers — employing innovative solutions each day to help our kids be successful learners. Yet even the most creative and engaged teachers sometimes need outside advice and practical answers to questions about working with children diagnosed with ADHD and LD. Teaching kids is hard work; teaching kids with ADHD simply cannot be done without special tools designed to help them implement IEPs, deal with disruptive behaviors, modify homework, and work with parents.

ADDitude asked teachers to share their top concerns, and this webinar aims to address the following:
1. Managing disruptive behaviors in the classroom
2. Creating and modifying assignments to match the learning styles and needs of children with ADHD
3. Effectively implementing IEP accommodations and 504 services during a busy day
4. The overlap of ADHD and learning disabilities
5. The impact of stress and anxiety on learning and behavior
6. Explaining ADHD to a child’s classmates and parents, and defending kids when they are mislabeled

Meet the Expert Speaker:

Jerome J. Schultz, Ph.D. a clinical neuropsychologist for over 30 years, is on the faculty of Harvard Medical School, in the Department of Psychiatry, where he supervises young psychologists and psychiatry interns. He is the author of Nowhere to Hide: Why Kids with ADHD & LD Hate School and What We Can Do About It. A former middle school teacher, Schultz specializes in the neuropsychological assessment and treatment of youth with learning disabilities and ADHD. For more information, contact him at jeromeschultz@verizon.net or twitter:@docschultz.com.

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This ADHD Experts webinar was first broadcast live on December 14, 2016.

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  1. My student is part of an online public school. He has severe issues with learning the material that he is given. They agreed to put him on an IEP, but I am not understanding what everyone is supposed to be doing to help him. He is in first grade. Is there a way I can help him and get him a tutor on the IEP?

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