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Free Webinar Replay: Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Adult ADHD

In this special ADHD Awareness webinar, Emily Anhalt, Psy.D., explains how to develop a healthy, positive relationship with your ADHD.

ADHD gets a bad rap. The disorder is vilified and misunderstood by many in our society, including the doctors and clinicians who are charged with diagnosing and treating it. What’s more, our school systems and corporate structures are not built to support and encourage those who learn differently. But ADHD is not all bad. In fact, it can be a superpower if harnessed correctly!

Emily Anhalt, PsyD, spent two years interviewing adults with ADHD who have achieved financial, occupational, and emotional success without using medication. Out of this research, Anhalt developed a three-layered approach to fostering a healthy relationship with your ADHD, and leveraging it as a positive force in your life.

In this inspiring webinar, Anhalt will show you how to…
1. Tune out the negative self-talk that crushes dreams and goals
2. Understand your unique relationship with your ADHD
3. Work toward success professionally and emotionally
4. Process the emotional difficulties people with ADHD face throughout life
5. Manage the difficult challenges of your ADHD
6. Ask teachers, bosses, and significant others for the things you need to succeed
7. Use the positive aspects of your ADHD to thrive

Meet the Expert Speaker:

Emily Anhalt, PsyD, completed her doctoral dissertation on “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Success Without the Use of Medication.”

Webinar replays include:

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This ADHD Experts webinar was first broadcast live on October 19, 2016.

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