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“Beyond Shame and Guilt: Transformative Strategies for Women with ADD” [Video Replay & Podcast #250]

Access the video replay, listen to the podcast episode (#250), and download the slide presentation for this ADHD Experts webinar originally broadcast on June 25, 2019.

Episode Description

As a woman living with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD), you are no doubt familiar with shame — and its dear friends guilt, fear, and self-limitation. You also might find yourself asking the million-dollar question: “ADHD awareness is good, but… what now?”

The first stepping stone for change is this: Come face-to-face with your own experiences and stories of shame, and the ways in which those narratives inform your relationships with yourself, your spouse, your child, and/or the world. This reckoning helps us create space for new choices and behaviors. Once we reach that space, however, we can easily feel lost and wondering, “What do I do with this awareness?” The answer? You very slowly begin the process of change by focusing intently on building up your courage, intentionality, and curiosity.

Listen and learn from Michelle Frank, Psy.D., about:

  • Common ways that past experiences of shame manifest as self-limiting beliefs and behavior patterns for women with ADHD
  • How those limitations impact women as mothers, partners, friends, and colleagues
  • What acceptance really means, how it differs from resignation, and what it looks like to practice radical acceptance and shame-free living in the here-and-now
  • Concrete steps that you can take to move out of shame and into intentional living
  • Ways to improve your relationship with yourself, your children, your partner, your friends, and your colleagues
  • Key questions to ask yourself to begin to live bigger, brighter, and bolder – differences and all

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Listener Testimonials

  • Michelle was EXCELLENT! Covered a lot of ground without being overwhelming.  Can’t wait to receive my copy of the book — already ordered!”
  • “This felt like a profoundly compassionate and informed view of my whole life thus far (I’m 54), with immensely helpful suggestions for action. Thank you!”
  • “Her presentation was spot on. Good pace, good content, well explained. As always, wish there was more time for questions but I wouldn’t sacrifice any part of her presentation for that.”

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Meet the Expert Speaker:

Michelle Frank, Psy.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in providing diagnostic and treatment services to individuals with ADHD. She is co-author, along with fellow ADHD expert Sari Solden, of the book for women with ADHD entitled A Radical Guide for Women with ADHD: Embrace Neurodiversity, Live Boldly, and Break Through Barriers.| See expert’s full bio »

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