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Free Webinar Replay: Comeback Kids: Building Resilience in Students with ADHD

Anna Vagin, Ph.D., explains how to help kids with ADHD bounce back from disappointment.

Students diagnosed with ADHD hear a disproportionate number of negative messages throughout their school days: “Don’t blurt out the answer!” “Stay seated!” “Are you even listening?”

In fact, research suggests that children with ADHD receive 20,000 more negative messages than do their neurotypical peers by age 12. All of this correction has an understandable impact on self-esteem which, in turn, shuts down our kids’ initiative and confidence. But every good teacher knows that real learning requires taking risks, as well as bouncing back from experiences that didn’t end up as we’d hoped. Whether it’s taking a math test or shooting a basket, children perform best when they can assess the level of risk required, engage their toolboxes of strategies and experiences, make a “good enough” decision about next steps, and learn from mistakes as they happen.

In other words, resilience is essential to your child’s success at school and this webinar with Anna Vagin, Ph.D., will teach parents:
1. How resilience underlies academic and lifelong success
2. How emotions impact resilience
3. The importance of modeling behavior when encountering our own challenges
4. How to build resilience through games and media
5. Tips and strategies for supporting your child when things don’t go well

Meet the Expert Speaker:

Anna Vagin, Ph.D. is a licensed speech/language pathologist with more than 30 years experience. In her private practice in Marin County, California, she provides individual sessions and social learning groups to children, young adults, and their families. Her particular interest is using media to support social thinking in students with diagnoses such as ASD, ADHD, NVLD, Language Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Social Communication Disorder or Twice-Exceptional. She provides consultation to parents and schools, and is a frequent speaker in the U.S. and Canada on topics related to social cognition. She is the author of Movie Time Social Learning(2013) and YouCue Feelings: Online Video Viewing for Social Learning

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This ADHD Experts webinar was first broadcast live on September 29, 2016.

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