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“The Adult Guide to Shedding ADHD Shame” [Video Replay & Podcast #269]

In this hour-long webinar-on-demand, learn how to leave ADHD shame behind and rebuld self-esteem with Linda Roggli, PCC.

Episode Description

Shame and ADHD are persistent, if uncomfortable, partners. Adults with undiagnosed ADHD may spend their lives believing that they are fundamentally flawed. They often develop a protective shell that deflects the slings and arrows of judgment, but inside that shell, they are deeply ashamed of their missteps. Shame is insidious — it impairs self-esteem and life choices about relationships, employment, and your outlook on life.

The good news is that shame doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture in the lives of adults with ADHD, especially after diagnosis. When you are able to recognize the dramatic impact of ADHD on your life, you can sort out the differences between blame and responsibility, and begin seeing yourself more accurately and forgivingly. Learning to leave shame behind is a rebirth for many ADHD adults, one that is long overdue and well deserved for most of us.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The many sources of shame—past and present—for adults with ADHD
  • How shame becomes a pervasive and devastating influence on our lives
  • How to recognize the difference between blaming yourself versus taking responsibility
  • How to shift the “blame game” dynamic without losing important relationships
  • How to take the first steps toward forgiving yourself (and others) for being exactly who you are

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This ADHD Experts webinar was first broadcast live on April 18, 2019.

Listener testimonials:

  • “So good. Thank you for talking about this reality and providing solutions, and from a credible and positive person.”
  • “First time doing anything like this and the tears just flowed within first couple of minutes. It so hit home.”
  • “Very motivating. Useful information and strategies regarding self talk, taking responsibility, and how to have conversations with a spouse or supervisor. Great speaker. Thank you!”
  • “Fantastic! One of the best webinars I’ve heard on ADD. I’d love to hear more from this presenter. Wish it could’ve gone on for another hour or more!”

Meet the Expert Speaker:

Linda Roggli, is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), award-winning author, and founder of the A-D-Diva Network for ADHD women 40-and-better. She is an internationally recognized expert in midlife and senior ADHD. She co-founded the renowned Annual ADHD Women’s Palooza and the ADHD Parents’ Palooza, a week of online conversations with 30-plus top ADHD women’s and parenting experts (adhdpalooza.com). Linda’s book Confessions of an ADDiva: Midlife in the Non-Linear Lane won first prize for women’s issues in the prestigious Next Generation Indy Book Awards and she is a contributor to several other ADHD books on relationships and coaching. She is a popular speaker at online and on-site conferences. Linda is the former vice-president of ADDA and currently chairs its webinar committee. She lives in Durham, North Carolina, with her OCD-ish husband, one OCD cat, and three adorable ADHD shelties.

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