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Live Webinar on April 13: Why Adults with ADHD Abandon Medication — And How to Improve Treatment Outcomes

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ADHD medication has been the cornerstone of ADHD treatment since the condition was first recognized more than a century ago. The stimulants and the alpha agonists are some of the most effective treatments in medicine and, if properly fine-tuned, they have virtually no side effects.

Yet the vast majority of adults who start ADHD medication stop taking it within a year. It isn’t that ADHD medication doesn’t work. The response rate is more than 85 percent. The reasons for poor follow-through have to do with the nature of ADHD itself. People forget to fill the next prescription and never get back in treatment. In addition, many adults with ADHD are reluctant to take ADHD medication because of persistent myths surrounding its safety and side effects.

Here, we offer strategies for overcoming these obstacles to ensure more effective and consistent symptom management. These techniques make the difference between success and failure for the majority of people being treated for ADHD.

In this webinar, you will learn the following:

  • How research confirms the effectiveness of medication in managing ADHD symptoms
  • How to fine-tune ADHD medication to avoid side effects
  • Why is it so difficult for individuals with ADHD to stick with medication
  • Education and strategies for overcoming medication reluctance and lack of adherence


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Meet the Expert Speaker:

William W. Dodson, M.D., LF-APA, is primarily a clinician who has spent his career working on the day-to-day practice of adult ADHD medicine and how to get optimal outcomes from the treatment of ADHD. He has specialized in the application of practice-based evidence to evidence-based practice. Over the last several years, Dr. Dodson has changed the emphasis of his practice from direct patient care to writing and speaking about and consulting on adult ADHD medicine. He has written more than 120 articles and produced 17 webinars for ADDitude and ADDA. He is on ADDitude’s Medical Advisory Panel.

Dr. Dodson is a board-certified adult psychiatrist who was one of the first practitioners to specialize in adults with ADHD 25 years ago. He is the recipient of the national Maxwell J. Schleifer Award for Distinguished Service to Persons with Disabilities in 2006. He was named a Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association in 2012 in recognition of his contributions to the field of adult ADHD. Dr. Dodson continues to have a private consulting practice in Denver.

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