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Live Webinar on December 15: Why ADHD Is Different for Women: Gender-Specific Symptoms & Treatments

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ADHD exacts a greater psychological toll on women than it does on men, with more troubling long-term outcomes demonstrated in medical research. While the dramatic increase in mid-life diagnoses among women is beginning to shift the ADHD landscape, these findings signal an urgent wake-up call: Beneath women’s determination to mask their impairments, psychological distress can gradually erode their self-worth and quality of life.

Women’s presentation of ADHD symptoms contributes to the diagnostic confusion that still leaves many women overlooked or misdiagnosed. The perfect storm of internalized symptoms, hormonal fluctuations, and societal expectations yields a distinct set of stressors. Emotional dysregulation also renders women more reactive than proactive. Trapped beneath the weight of stigma, self-doubt, and shame, they lose confidence in their judgment since it often betrays them.

The good news it that experts today are creating holistic treatment plans tailored to women’s needs. Reframing strategies offer women the opportunity to see themselves through a lens of validation and acceptance, to impose self-protective boundaries, and to question obligations. Rather than being silenced by shame, women are learning to trust their own voices.

In this webinar, based on the most up-to-date research on women and ADHD, you will learn:

  • How diagnostic challenges can limit accurate identification and treatment of ADHD in women
  • Five gender-specific factors that affect the impact of ADHD
  • How unpredictable executive functions thwart the ability to conform to society’s expectations
  • How fluctuating hormone levels impact ADHD symptoms
  • Five factors that increase the risk for negative outcomes with ADHD
  • How co-existing conditions complicate the ADHD experience and treatment
  • How treatment offers hope with evidence-based strategies that teach self-acceptance, self-respect, and self-compassion


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Meet the Expert Speaker:

Dr. Ellen B. Littman is a clinical psychologist licensed in New York State.  Educated at Brown and Yale Universities, the clinical psychology doctoral program of Long Island University, and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, she has been involved with the field of attentional disorders for more than 30 years. In her private practice in Mount Kisco, New York, Dr. Littman focuses on a high IQ adult and adolescent ADHD population.  She specializes in identifying and treating complex presentations of ADHD that may be misinterpreted or overlooked. Dr. Littman is co-author of the book Understanding Girls with ADHD, now in its updated second edition and translated into several languages, and a contributing author of numerous books, including The Hidden Side of Adult ADHD (El lado oculto del TDAH en la edad adulta), Understanding Women with ADHD, and Gender Differences in ADHD.

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