“7 Insights Into the ADHD Brain That Transform Lives” [Video Replay and Podcast #389]

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Episode Description

Tips and strategies for overcoming ADHD challenges abound, and they often work. But what about when they don’t?

Should we assume the strategy is wrong or ineffective? Or probe deeper and question whether the real problem is buried in the root cause of the challenge? This is when “aha insights” about the ADHD brain can reveal important truths and move you forward. As an ADHD coach of 14 years, I’ve seen lives transformed by a renewed focus on self-awareness, self-observation, and mindset — not on strategies and tips.

Take procrastination. There is a high correlation between uncertainty and procrastination. If it is unclear about what to do, how long it will take, what input is needed, or what perspective to take, the ADHD brain will reflexively try to escape to more pleasurable activities. Knowing this can help you move past avoidance the next time it crops up.

Here are several life-changing insights that have helped those with ADHD find solutions to their toughest problems. We will discuss these, and more, in this webinar:

  • Organization is a two-step process
  • Feeling is easier than thinking
  • Managing task characteristics differs from managing tasks
  • Task Darwinism is an organizing principle
  • Surrendering yourself to sleep is essential

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Meet the Expert Speaker:

Jeff Copper, MBA, PCC, PCAC  is an ADHD coach, founder of DIG Coaching Practice, and host of Attention Talk Radio and Attention Talk Video. He coaches his clients to help them realize their potential in business and in their personal lives. Having learned to manage attention and deal with his own challenges, Jeff developed his “anatomy of attention” construct to help his clients control their attention and move past barriers. Jeff holds an MBA from the University of Tampa, professional designations from ICF, PAAC, and certifications from ADD Coach Academy and Coaches Training Institute. Jeff is a member of ADDA, CHADD, ACO, PAAC, ADD Resources, and ICF.

Listener Testimonials

“This webinar was wonderful. I loved the final comments about doing what works for the individual.”

“This was an excellent webinar. I am well-read in ADHD but this was all unique and new to me and hugely helpful. Very wise insight in EFs and procrastination and motivation. It also left me feeling upbeat and empowered with ideas.”

“This whole presentation was an ‘aha’ experience for me.”

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