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Free Webinar Replay: What You Should Know About College Accommodations for Students with ADHD and LD

In this hour-long webinar-on-demand, learn about accommodations in college with Elizabeth C. Hamblet.

The transition to college is ripe with changes. Primary among these are differences in the disability services systems for students with ADHD and LD. High school plans don’t carry over, and accommodations don’t happen unless the student initiates the process herself. The supportive services themselves may be quite different, too. Knowing which accommodations are most likely available to college students with ADHD and LD can help families and professionals strategize for success.

In this webinar you will learn:

  1. How disability services typically work in college
  2. Which accommodations are commonly and infrequently granted
  3. Which categories of accommodations colleges need not grant because of exemptions in the laws
  4. Changes in the academic environment at college and strategies to help students navigate them

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Meet the Expert Speaker:

Elizabeth C. Hamblet, a learning consultant at Columbia University’s Disability Services office, has worked at the college level for 20 years after starting her career in the field as a high school special education teacher and case manager.  In addition to working as a college consultant, she gives presentations nationally to professionals and parents about how to prepare students with disabilities for success at college. Hamblet is the author of 7 Steps to College Success: A Pathway for Students with Disabilities, and her work has appeared in national journals and online, including Understood.org. She offers advice and information on her website at www.LDadvisory.com. You can connect with Elizabeth at Facebook.com/LDadvisory and on Twitter @echamblet.