Teens with ADHD

Wants To Be A High School ADHD Coach

“I am interested in being a better coach to my students with ADHD. Where can I get information on coaching this age group?”

Peg Dawson, Ed.M has co-authored an excellent book with Guare, R. (1998) titled Coaching the ADHD Student.

Other books that you may find useful are…

Dawson, P. (1994). “Homework Survival Guide”. Tonowonda, NY: Multihealth Systems.

Luckie, W.R. & Smethurst, W. (1998). “Study Power: Study Skills to Improve Your Learning and Your Grades“. Cambridge, MA: Brookline Books.

Wood, E., Woloshyn, V.E. & Willoughby, T. (1995). “Cognitive Strategy Instruction for Middle and High Schools“. Cambridge, MA: Brookline Books.

I also have available a full on-line ADHD Coaches Training program. The details should be posted shortly on my site at SandyMaynard.com. Take care and keep up the good work continuing to investigate how to best work with those with ADHD.

Updated on September 25, 2017

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