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Vitamins for Hyperactive Kids

“I have a hyperactive five-year-old son. Will ‘Stress Tabs’, or other supplements containing B vitamins, have a calming effect for children, and are they safe?”

The broader question you are asking is, “Does my child have ADHD?” The next question you ask is, “If he does, how is ADHD treated?” Try to get these questions answered by your family physician or a child or adolescent psychiatrist.

You would never go to your physician and say that your child is sick but you will not allow him to go on an antibiotic if he has a bacterial infection. You should not go to your physician and say your child might have a neurochemical disorder called ADHD but you will not allow him to go on a medication that treats this disorder.

Perhaps you should read a book or two on ADHD – what it is, how it is diagnosed, how it is treated. Concerning your specific question on vitamin B, discuss this with your child’s family doctor.

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