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Sales of 3 ADHD Medical Foods Discontinued in the U.S.

Corporate parent Enzymotec announced this week that Vayarin, Vayarin Plus, and Vayacog will no longer be sold in the United States.

March 20, 2019

Three medical foods marketed for the treatment of attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) symptoms including poor concentration and memory — namely Vayarin, Vayarin Plus, and Vayacog — will no longer be sold in the United States. This discontinuation follows a statement from parent company VAYA and its corporate partner, Enzymotec, released earlier this week. VAYA cited a “lack of alignment” with the Enzymotec business strategy, and said the company is shifting its primary focus to becoming an ingredient-supplier to other companies instead of engaging with consumers directly.

Reactions to the announcement run the gamut. Some ADDitude community members say they aren’t surprised by the discontinuation, citing a lack of evidence and studies demonstrating the nutritional therapy’s effectiveness.

“This company looks like they’ve been trying to sneak by regulation by avoiding actual clinical trials to prove it does work and instead trying to label it a supplement,” wrote one ADDitude reader on Facebook, “but the FDA recently held fast in the stance that artificially created omega-3s cannot be considered food-based nutritional supplements and they can’t claim any medical benefits without proving them scientifically.”

Vayarin users voiced their frustration at the discontinuation and at the company’s sudden announcement, calling it “unprofessional.”

“I was so sad to hear that they abruptly decided to stop supplying in the U.S.,” wrote another ADDitude reader on Facebook. “I use Vayarin because I can’t tolerate regular meds. I’m saddened and angered by the way they’ve gone about it — suddenly discontinuing, instead of giving some warning so we could get in an order to bridge the time until we can find something else.”

ADDitude contacted Enzymotec for further information, however representatives have not returned our phone call.

Meanwhile, competitor Accentrate — also a non-drug nutritional supplement that addresses lipid imbalances — is already courting Vayarin customers on its web site and YouTube channel. For additional treatment options, consult ADDitude’s Medications and Treatments page.